kendall college of Art & Design (G.R. Michigan) ?????

I was wondering about Kendall College of Art & Design in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
What is their reputation for Industrial Design?
Is their technology good?
What would a company think of a student from Kendall College?
Does Kendall prepare its ID students sufficiently for the real work world?

any other input about Kendall’s Industrial Design department would be much appreciated!

I heard that they are well known for furniture design. A lot of furniture companies are around like area.

yeah, thanks molested cow, i also heard that they are well known for furniture design; But is their Industrial design department just as prestigious?

That I have no idea. If you are in the area you are better off going to CCS.

Their ID program was pretty weak and most of the students lack the initiative to learn or to be competitive. The student workspace and resources have improved since they became Kendall of Ferris.

There are always the few that were hardworkers and have been able to find jobs (Maybe 1 in 7) but I’ve seen some portfolios still comming out of there that show no thought process or have any real substance.

If you are good, it’s easy to shine and get all the big company summer internships in the area. You can be interning at the same companies that CCS and Art Center sends people to and that’s where you’ll get some real work experience.

Many and most of the ID graduates take area jobs away from Kendall’s own furniture design majors. Kendall is known for furniture design historically, but mainly through association, it’s located in West Michigan where Steelcase, Herman Miller, American Seating are located and absorb most of it’s ID graduates.

Just remember, if you’re a self-starter and you really want to learn ID it does not matter where you go to school or what’s on your diploma. It’s how you apply yourself and your ability to extract information out of teachers or what ever burned out professional adjunct they get that semester.