Keeping you Cintiq Clean

I just got a Cintiq and I have one question to all of you users out there and that is how do you keep this thing clean? I am finding that it is picking up finger prints like crazy. I guess this is to me expected. Is this just something you get used to?

I know this may be a dumb question, but I had to ask.

I hear you! My Cintiq is always getting smudges and finger prints.
I typically use one of those “screen shammies.” I got mine with my Macbook Pro, but I’m certain you can pick these up at most techy stores. I just clean it when I’m done sketching and it’s ready for my next session. I also know some people use a half glove, which you can see here—>

I’ve never used one of these gloves, but the people that do swear by them apparently. Another trick I do is to rip a piece of paper into a small square and allow my hand to rest on that. It allows my hand to glide better and I don’t get nearly as many smudges.

Anyway, those are all my tricks. They seem to help, but there will ALWAYS be those prints/smudges. Price you pay for dropping mega dough on a sketchpad!

Hope this help, Justin.

Monster cable makes a screen cleaner that comes in a pretty good sized bottle ( there are two sizes, the big ones worth it) and a cleaning towel. Cleans laptop and TV screens like they were new. Hope that helps. Good luck, fingerprints are the devil, especially on all the new glossy technology.

Thanks everyone. I am using my screen cleaner rag from my iMac. It works pretty good.

Just out of interest Justin, which size Cintiq do you have ?
How have you found it compared to sketching on paper ?
What program do you use with it ?

I’ve been mulling it over for a while now… I don’t know how long I can hold out for the missing Apple tablet

Problem is I don’t know if I can justify the purchase when really most of the sketching I do is for myself as most of my clients usually just want to see the sweet 3D renders… it’d be more of a toy for me I think.

I have the 22 inch. I love it and I have to say that it has cut the time that it takes for me to do thing almost in half. We do quite a bit of sketching, but it is also great for laying out art, touching up pics, and so on. If you have the cash I would suggest getting one. It is a great investment.