Keeping mind and body fresh

I’m pretty sure everyone have the deadline periods with long and stressfull hours.
So what are other peoples habits of keeping healthy, both mentally and physically.

So ill start…
I try to go jogging a couple times a week, as far as my legs will carry me. It lets me think about all kinds of stuff, and I enjoy both the challenge of getting better (my body wasnt designed for long distance running) but also the mindless trance you some times get in to. Nordic skiing is also fun, but im not in a suitable region for it.

When I’m really busy or something is seriously occupying my thoughts, I need to do something more action filled, where concentration and focus is required. At the moment that’s paintball, but I’d like to try something new. So I have been looking at windsurfing, something about their gear is seriously appealing to me, as well as to speed across water which I have been missing lately.

Oh yeah, time constraints is also a pretty vital factor…

So how do you ventilate, meditate or just do a hostile takeover of your mind and thoughts?

45 minute walk with the dog every morning.

Lots of art shows, museums, and concerts… very necessary for me. I find if I’m not going to concerts, or museums, I start to frey around the edges a bit.

Travel, I really like to travel, doesn’t have to be anywhere exotic. Sometimes we just rent a country house for a long weekend, or just go to a different city…

Eating. I really like a good food experience. I like to go to a really good, highly rated restaurant about once a week.

Getting together with friends over drinks or brunch. Typically other designers, creatives, artists, and professors, but usually not from work… once a week.

Shopping. I know, cliche, but some retail therapy never hurts within reason.

Napping, a good Sunday nap… I’m getting older… allow me a nap.

Talking with students. Whenever possible I try to pop in on local schools or travel to other schools to speak. I did the IDSA sketch event at CIA in Cleveland a few weeks ago, and I’m speaking at the University of Illinois -UC just before their senior show in a few weeks. It always energizes me!

Taking a drive in the country with some new music on the iPod and the top down.

A good side project. Ironically, sometimes the thing that snaps me back is doing more design, just not for work, but for myself.

A good session in the gym never fails to clear my head and de-stress.

Also, sticking my headphones in and just walking. Usually without any idea about where I am going. I find that I come across the weirdest and most intriguing things that I had never realised was just around the corner…

Cooking a good English Sunday Roast (and using every possible pan in the kitchen)

Drinks with old friends.

A beer on Brighton beach when the sun is out, watching the seagulls stealing sandwiches from small children!

And then a good browse of Core. I find nothing motivates me better than seeing other designers work and ideas.

I bike to and from work most days now, except in the winter. Its 6km from home to work and I can avoid heavy traffic roads so it’s a nice ride. I used to play paintball a lot as well but got into it competitively for a few years and then had to drop it because it was taking up a lot of time (weekend practices and tournaments almost year round).
Also, I used to go on a snowboard trip out west once a year but that’s on hold due to having a kid about 4 months ago. I’m looking to have him up and riding in 3-4 years if he likes it. Hopefully I can get out there again.

when working against (or towards) deadlines physical activity, food and sleep are a must. unfortunately all of that takes precious time, and the point of working towards a deadline is there there doesn’t 'seem to be enough of it.

Capoeira, yoga, object manipulation and dancing as far as physical goes for me.
Soup and lots of tea.
and saying “screw it” and going out and having some fun is the best i think. but easy on the drinking.

Grey Matters

Ive been trying to get into working out on a regular basis---but for now, Im just going for long walks around the neighborhood in the evenings—the walks do help to feel physically & mentally revitalized.

But to really give my mind new life or vigor, I like to work on a project in & around the house (renovate, redecorate a room, or shop for a new piece of furniture). In many ways it is still work—but if you enjoy it, it will allow you to be creative in a different way than your routine at work. In addition, it will give a new life to your environment—which should in turn make you feel invigorated.

Another alternative to stimulate the mind (for me) is to create artwork. Art is more about expression than having to deal with the constraints of how something will be made, or how much it will cost, or why the factory can`t understand the difference between an embossed & debossed logo, and—ok----ok, well—I think you all get the point. The art can even allow you to riducule of the things that frustrate you on a daily basis—this release of daily mental irritation must also be healthy for the mind.

I ride a bike. The commute to work is 14, 19 0r 24 miles round-trip, depending which route I take. I also typically ride an additional 4-8 hours on the weekend.

To clear the mind I look for a distraction, obviously the intrawebs is a good place where brain-power is not needed. I also enjoy continuing education on non-design related subjects, there are plenty of opportunities with healthcare but you can choose whatever subject floats your boat. My only other time indulgence away from work and home is reading a couple of newspapers every day.

I row. there is nothing quite like being out on the charles river as the sun is coming up. I love the team aspect of the sport. the fact that most of the guys i row with dont get, or want to talk about design is ironically refreshing at times. Rowing is a sport where everyone has to do exactly the same thing at exactly the same time, there is no individuality. This creates a necessary counter balance in my life. During the winter when boston freezes over I struggle with finding this counter balance to design. this winter I trained for a marathon which was quite an experience. next winter ill find something else to do but for now its rowing season.