Karim's Copco line

That’s very insightful.

Here’s what Neville Brody was doing in the 1980’s:

Here’s what Rashid is doing today:

To me, Rashid is a radical designer.
He used lots of “other things” to turn them into his “things”.
To IDers, this radical way of design can be seen as fake and unsolved.
Since we do care more about functions and ergo that lots of Rashid’s
products can just feel as eye candies.
BUT, I think he is interesting and innovative in terms of marketing tactics, that he is doing things what others don’t want to get involved. Design as Art Objects can create lots debate and hatred. It can eat up the system and importance of the design language.

There has been short but big BLOB art movement from mid-90’s until Sept 11 incident in NYC, Tokyo and LA art scenes. I think Mariko Mori, Yoshimoto Nara’s jelly bean looking faces, Liza May Post, Carl Ostendarp, Mathew Ritchie’s early sculptures, Martin Creed’s installation, Mathew Barney’s symbols and some installations, Lisa Yuskavage’s Blob looking females, Takashi Murakami’s DOB and other countless followers were some examples. Are those the result of bubble like Pop art theory, or the pure celebration of cute-ness and colorfield paintings, I don’t know.

During the period, Rashid also showed himself as Fine Artist, and he had also exhibited in some of major galleries in NYC, including Deitch Project in Soho.

The boundary between useful and useless objects, what is real art and real design, Can design functions as pure beauty or ephemeral object in certain places for certain people? Can it just work as art, or is it controversy? I might be wrong or think bit too much, but to me, Rashid is definitely not a 100% IDesigner, but he works as something else. I think he is celebrating himself as fake artist and fake designer in the fake society.
It’s hard to judge him if you are only looking at what Industrial Design is made out of. That’s why he becomes such easy target for many well known IDers because pure IDer never accepts artistic concept as an actual function (concept is not a solution, it’s a departure to many designers). -But it works whole lot better in Fine Arts with more respects.

Still no answer to the first question about using the products first hand. I’m going with my gut on this one based on sales and personal test.
the products are a hit.

how are the sales compared to other copco products?

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Effin spammer…

Some things he does are interesting, others are styling exercises…

Life is funny when you view it through cartoonishly large glasses…

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I have yet to find Rashid’s stuff on Copco - can someon post a link (if they have already and I haven’t found it sorry).

Rashid is a hard working guy to get where he is, but with that said, I would say he is not as talented as Starck or Newson.

I also am annoyed that Yves Behar is classified as a superstar, his stuff doesn’t stack up against the aformentioned, and I would classify him and Rashid together in the 2nd teir or even 3rd teir of star designers.

Just take a look at this crap:

I can honestly say there was a kid in my design class who sucked who drew this idea when I was in college, and every one laughed, you wouldn’t get such crap from Starck or Newson.

Rashid has his moments with the new watch, which I thought was cool, and the Oh chair, but that’s about it, I think that’s why he arouses such passion in people, he doesn’t convince them that he belongs where he is.

By the way that glass posted above was done by Rashid and the Moma unwittingly sells it at their store, you’d think the Moma of all places wouldn’t be such dupes.

I just viewed Behar’s website for the first time - I had seen some of his work in the past but not all that much. I would not even classify him with Rashid, at least Rashid has done some decent products, Behar looks to me like a guy in advertising, or worse yet, marketing.


It is funny I am not big of Karim, but the Wine/Martini I thought was interesting. Esspecailly if you do not have a lot of space for glassware…

His design is too large and bulky, I saw it @ the Moma Design store. But excuted with a little more flare it wouldnt be that bad of product…

What it is Pragonetti,
I am of the opinion that idea could never seriously work, as I’ve gotten older I’ve become more critical of ideas that compromise function so much - can you imagine having to use that thing at a party and not have people laugh at you?

I did some time in Brooklyn myself kid, lived on Murder Ave - that’s Myrtle Ave for all the non pratt kids, that was back before Brooklyn was safe - now I hear my girl cousin is going out there to live. When did Brooklyn become disneyland? I would have never let my sister live there.


Lesbians and Hipsters have turned Brookyln into trendy place that it is today… There are plenty of bad areas still but Pratt has turned itself around…

They also cut down on the amount of graf kids allowed in…
I lived on Myrtle, and in Bushwich, trendy f*cks everywhere…

"an you imagine having to use that thing at a party and not have people laugh at you? "

that is a good point… But also American love novelity, most would responed really well to it… Because that is turlly what it is, a fancy novelity item…

That’s true Pragonetti, Americans love novelty, but that much compromise of function for the novelty wouldn’t even get it into Sharper image, maybe Spencer (not sure if they have those on the east coast) at the mall, or Party City, I could see it fitting in there. Who knows maybe Rashid made some money off of that but it shows that he doesn’t have the best judgement as a designer.

With that said, I have been hard on Rashid, he doesn’t compare with starck or Newson, but, he has gotten to the top and is doing his own designs, most people never get that far, so you’ve got to give him that, he’s doing something while I’m sitting here and playing armchair designer, for shame. I should get back to work on that note.

i dunno bout you guys anymore, but this is pretty darn celever…seriously guys, form follows fun…i’d buy this…wine and martini in one…now only if both ends oculd be filled.

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martini/wine in one?? clever maybe… but so ugly!!!

seriuosly, who needs that??

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