Karim Rashid or Philippe Starck

I was recently asked the question and well, i couldnt make up my mind. I think its Karim, no, wait, i think its Starck.
One of my all time favourite was the Starck Fossil collection.
In the end i guess, they’ve both got their own style.
Anyways I wanted to ask you guys, who’s got more points on your list.

PS or KR? :open_mouth:

my 13th month daughter can do better,
specially blob objects. and for sur she is
“changing the world” :wink:

are you serious? i think i’m gonna get MS figuring this out.

I will take a poke in the eye, is that an option?

Since you’re talking about design Prima Donnas, you might as well throw Marc Newson into the mix, too…

PS or KR? > :open_mouth: >


'cmon- Stark isnt THAT bad. His name has gone on alot of crap, but he has done some really nice stuff too- esp. interioirs.

Karim is piss poor.