karim rashid/jesus

is it me or is karim rashid more talented that jesus?.

No, it’s just you. Karim Rashid has yet to inspire a religion that, in its own name, took over much of the known world, exterminated several indigenous peoples, and declared war on anyone who wouldn’t peacfully accept what they were pushing.

I have nothing against christians, and I don’t think that what I’ve described above is what Jesus would preach by any means, but that’s a pretty hard legacy to follow, wouldn’t you say?

I also don’t see how this is related to design employment. You want to get a job like he has? Come here; he went to my school.

Come to your school?
I dont think you can learn to design like this. This is pure talent.

No, those are pink and black upholstered blobs. There’s nothin particularly fascinating or unique about those.

Personally, I don’t like his ethos that much. With such wonderful quotations as “Nature is boring” and “That building should be hot pink”…

Yes, he definitely likes the old (255,0,255). I find that color absolutely repulsive.

okay, it’s closer to 255/0.125. It’s still ugly, though.

this is fashion …more then design …he is better at marketing himself then anything else …he is good don’t get me wrong…but it’s surely not great…good design is about balance between function and art…

One of the first tenets that makes design different from either engineering or art. Mr. Rashid’s idea for furniture that forms itself out of the floor when you want it to, producing amorphous blobs, is fine, but is it practical? no. Is it functional? no. Is it even possible? no.

anyway karim is from australia

he studied with another designer called marc newsmon

marc is really cool, but copies alot of karims styles


Marc studied fashion and jewellery at Art School.
He went to my school.

He is getting quite well known now isn’t he. Does he have a website?

I don’t think there a a true portion of this post. Have to loook into it. Karim went to school in Canada for ID, Marc I beleive went to an Aussi school for Furniture design (?). Marc’s knowledge of materials seems more advanced: for example this lounge chair he did out of fiberglass covered in hand bent and rivoted aluminum:

Karim’s work seems highly graphical. It also seems that any shape that can be simply extruded or a spline that can be revolved will do, while Newsons form language is no where near as sophmoric. It appears simple, but is full of complex surfacing and material treatments. For example thie below seat:

I also give Newson a lot of credit for taking on highly ambitious projects, like his personal jet, the shoe he did for us at Nike, as well as the O21c Ford. Karim says he wants to change the world, but aside from a very nice plastic garbage cans and some restyled Nambe and Umbra products, what of any signifigence has he done? Some nice mouse pads don’t really change the world by the common deffinition.

Don’t get me wrong, I think they are both better self promoters than industrial designers, but just because they both often spec the brightest pantone numbers in the book, doesn’t mean there work is the same. Re look and re think.

BTW, why is this thread in this forum.

Wow. Marc’s stuff is really quite impressive…he seems to have the “industrial” aspect of the profession down pat, for sure. I really like the first chair.

I know that Mr. Rashid didn’t get on well with his professors here, moslty because he wanted to be more art-oriented than ID-oriented.

You echo my sentiments, yo - why IS this post here?

How did you enjoy engineering Marc Newsons horrible little attempt at a shoe Yo?

Can you honestly tell me that his shoe would sell if it didn’t have his name on it? I’ve seen far more impressive shoes posted on here before.

And you’re not entirely correct. Marc studied jewelry design at Sydney college of the Arts

So one of our most famous “Industiral Designers” is in fact a jewelry designer or “artist”

oh dear.


its unlike “yo” to post a wordy meaningless opinion

yo, “yo”… less is more buddy

karim is jesus, and so is marc, after all He is in all of us

Certainly just you.
Rashid is an idiot.

he’s a designer, pure sass. it’s like when michael graves does teapots, not much thought in it, it just looks wacked out.

karim loves plastic. he is making things look cheap, and they will eventually be garbage. so he doesn’t have to consider about the product life cycle or much of anything else.

he is good a resturant designer though.

Since when is fashion and design separate?

That’s a joke, right?

It really is interesting reading the reactions to the original post about our friend “Jesus”.

Art is design? Design is art? WHo knows these days. It really depends on what you are looking at, and through who’s eyes you are looking.

KR did not create “designs” to market them to a mass market of 21st century home decorators. His work is impressionistic, meant to influence the way a chair can make you feel. He does a damn good job of fullfilling his goal of letting people see things the way he does…even if they don’t buy one. That is evident in this thread. You may not like him…but you are talking about his work.

Most of his products meant to sell to the masses are tomed down a bit. But there is still evidence of his style. I am sure they had to refine the whole concept to make it feasible for manuf and asm. None the less, some of those have been fairly successful products.

I personally don’t care for him or most of his designs. But as a professional, I respect his approach to business. And the kicker of it all is…even if you talk about him to everyone you know, and tell them he sucks, you will still be providing him lip service. Pretty powerful.

What is the last product the public could attach your name to?

I’m not sure, so hard to keep track these days, I think water was up there for me, as well as light, but I’ll have to check in with the head of my PR departmant, John Paul III…

Seriously though, you are reading into Karim’s work way to much, back away from the glossy photo’s my son, there is not content to be found there.

Impressionistic? Let me ask my friend Vangoh, I’m pretty sure the only thing a chair should make you feel is comfortable.

Pictures of his designs are perfect in all ways but since he had been so famous I payed a bit attention to his real products in stores and on exhibitions. They seems to be so poorly manufactured beside being badly designed , by my opinion, that the only thing why people buy his things is his name. The question is how these people become this famous.

He’s famous because people know about him. And people know about him for the same reason they know about GAP clothing (my sister had a shirt that unraveled within a week), Skechers shoes, you name it - it’s the name. Branding is a fairly basic concept. Some of the time, the name gets associated with high quality, and that’s why it’s so well known (Leica, BMW); sometimes it’s associated with an emotion or feeling people want to project (FUBU clothes, Ferraris), and sometimes it’s just because the person has worked so hard to popularize him/herself, and has made damn sure that it’s their name that people remember. Like Madonna. Like Tommy Hilfiger. Like Karim Rashid.