Karim Rashid is overrated!!!!!!!!!

Need I say more?

this topic is overated.

We have talked this guy to death, and as someone I used to work for once said, if people are talking bad about you, they are still talking about YOU…

So for the love of design… let it go… We’ve beaten the dead horse enough.

Now go out there and buy some method soap that apparnetly is someone’s idea of saving the world. (The guy does some nice packaging)

You think you’ve done it to death, try attending the same school he graduated from.

Though after a while you just learn to let it slide past.

lol you guys don’t get it. Of course he is overatted and his designs suck. but it’s his image that he sells. People think “that’s what a designer is supposed to look like” He is laughing all the way to the bank. I bet when he goes home he puts on a flannel shirt and a pair of levi’s. And thinks what costume will i wear tomorrow to fool the masses.

That is so damned funny, yet brilliant.

I wish that where the truth, because the irony of it would be hilarious… but I’m pretty sure the first person he fooled was himself… that’s usually where I start anyway…