Karabo: The DNA-Posite

Hi everybody, here is the presentation of my DNA-Posite after the feedbacks. I tried to do a perspective view to understand how the shoe will look like. I didn’t scan the sketches because there is too much and i don’t know how to present it. Please can you give me some feedbacks on how the shoe turned and what can i improve on my presentation and explanation.Thanks


I love how you are showing more views, but the bottom is not nearly as sleek or resolved as the upper…

Hi, Yo :smiley: , I wanted to ask you How is it to work for a company like Converse and Jordan Brand? Do you have a lot of freedom designing what you like or is there any restriction?
When you said the bottom is not nearly as sleek or resolved as the upper, Do you talk about the sole or the Foamposite structure? I’m confused. Can you please explain me a little more if you get time when passing by. Thanks


Just in looking at the drawing for the outsole, the overall proportion I think could be sexier, sleeker. And then actual resolution of the forms and the details of it does not seem to be as thought out as the upper in my view… working for B, CV, it’s awesome. A lot of hard work, but a lot of fun. No complaints man!

Ohh, i understand now. thank you Yo, I will work more on that. :smiley: