Karabo: R-23 Air Jordan 23 design concept 1

Hi everybody, Here is the first concept of my Design for the Air Jordan 23 (R-23) Racing 23…As you can see i was inspired by the Jordan Motor racing bike and bikers. That was my inspiration for the Jordan 23 since Michael new passion is bike racing. It is the first concept, i might change it a little bit, i’m thinking about adding a lace cover and removing the toe box protection. The black weird chromic shape on the side represents all the dirt and oil racers are dealing with everyday. The logo is coming from the number on the bikes.


All feedbacks will be apreciated.

That’s pretty hot…one thing though is that the 23 would prob push the envelope more. I don’t think they’d go back to the motorcycle racing theme either, because they used that on the 20’s.

I agree that toe protection looks a little out of place. Maybe round off that sharp corner and it would fit in more.

I thought: Why not going back to motorcycle when there is so much that you can get inspired from?? I think the Air Jordan 20 was inspired by the bike racers boots. This one was inspired by the bike (the motorcycle/the engine/the speed form…).
Suzuki bike :smiley:

I like the inspiration, and the rendering itself is nice as always, but there are some formal things that bug me.

The graphic is very curvy, and speaks to ankle and lateral support which is nice, the heel peek is very close to the collar creating a very visually pinched area. The same happens at the peak of the forefoot as it almost touches the eyestay. Also, the forms in general are very organic, but there appears to be this very straight stitch line all over the toe which confuses me. I would also do a few details on the eyestay. Not every Jordan has to be a hidden lace loop design, check out the eyestay of the Jordan III, IV, V, VI, and VII…

I would also dig into the bike deeper. What makes it fast? Look at the color blocking, very dynamic and high contrast. Check out the nose of the bike, one of the most striking features.

I think you can also pull the details together more. Your top molded eyelet piece is an oval, the perfs are round (and a bit randomly plac) and then their are ill shape details in the outsole… bring all of these together and I think it will all hang together better.

Karabo_ from our conversations in the past, you know how talented I think you are, which is why I hope you can take these points and push this design up to to the next level.

whoaa Yo, thanks for the time you spend to give us some crits. I will definetely work on these areas (the eyestay/ the toe cover shape and the perfs on the side). rigth now i’m designing the outsole, a new shape for the IPS. Please can you tell me What is the “heel peek”? i’m confused?? I will post later the total package( sketches/inspiration and details)

I think Yo is referring to the quarter-panel or overlay you have along the side of the shoe… I’m guessing some form of TPU or Pebaxx? At the highest point of that piece (just behind the lateral side of the ankle, and just in front of the Metatarsus)- the piece is very close to the edges of the shoe. Depending on how stiff it is, could dramatically effect the way the shoe flexes.

Come to think of it, that piece is really close to the front flex zone too. The natural flex forces of the shoe will cause that piece to bow away from the foot- and could effect the durability of the shoe over time. If you moved the front of that piece further back-just behind the flex zone- you not only have possibly improved the longevity of the shoe, but also have given yourself more vertical space to keep that “peak” so high.

I bet if you played that line a bit- it might more closely resemble angles of the “ankle” part too.

Just a thought… sorry for the lecture. But Yo is right… this is pretty slick bro.

very slick indeed! it almost looks like a racing shoe, i think you could do some thing to the midsole/outsole, so looking forward to that. i dig the oversized logo, though it kinda takes it out of the signature mystique of the brand. i love bikes so the inspiration is cool with me!

Exactly, you could achieve it with a TPU extrusion, similar to the Wade 1.3 designed by Duane Lawrence, which would not hamper flex much if it was soft enough:

Some stitch details to make that mudguard an overlay to capture the extrusion would give it a nice touch.

Also, good callout about the lateral logo. Check out all the Jordans here:
Go to the “Jordans” section to see all of the game shoes (in the “downloads” section you can also download high res versions of each. Notice there is not much lateral branding. AJ II, III, IV, V, VI, VIII, X, XII, XVII, XVII, XX, XXI and XXII don’t really have a lateral jumpman, though some have a prominent Heel or tongue one.