karabo: Nike KB24

Hi everybody. I have been working on a design for the Nike Zoom Kobe serie. It took me almost two weeks to design it. I made some reaserches about all of the Zm KB and 2K serie that came out lately. i noticed that they all share some common elements and seems to evolve each time. the Zoom Kobe 2 is the evolution of the zoom kobe 1. They keep improving. I have been looking for inspiration and i looked at Kobe’s daugthers Diamante and Gianna. I used them as an inspiration and decided to bring them into the design. I also looked at gears for inspiration :slight_smile: (for the ousole shape and flex grooves). Gears? because they can be assimilate to the words Function, motion, patterns, strong, even aggressive. They are mainly used in cars, airplanes…everythings.

The key concept : Performance, sustainability and breathability.

The concept was to design a shoe that is lower to the ground. Very flat to the ground but curvy at the ends giving natural motion for maximal court feel and responsiveness. Kobe moves are really fast, unpredictable so i designed the outsole keeping that in mind.
To create more breathability for the feet, the innersock will be exposed. by doing that the foot can breathes creating a more confortable shoe.
The outsole features some independant natural pods for traction and court feel. Those pods and the outsole will be molded together as one piece reducing the use of glue and toxic waste. Also,The midsole will be stitched to the upper like the zoom KB 2.

Diamante and Gianna: I used there name and decided that they will be written on each shoe insole. I designed two diamond logos for each one of them that will be on the tongues. This diamond logos can be put together to formed one single diamond.

I could’nt scan all my sketches, so i took some pics. It does not really show the process that i went through, but it might give you an idea. :laughing:
Any feedbacks will be appreciated because i want to make sure that this shoe will be well designed.

i do not have any real criticism, other thatn the way it sits looks a tad off; i think it is the way the heel of the upper “bulges” out over the heel of the outsole? i think it is perhaps too exaggerated, and would cause some disconnect with court feel while playing…the presentation is very good as well!

dope stuff sir!

junglebrodda:Thanks for the crits, i noticed that 2. I will refine the proportion and make it more stable. I wanted the shoe to appear low to the ground, i guess i went too far :laughing:

I think this view seems more stable compared to the side view.

what’s your method for those sketch lines on top of the illustrator renders? are you using a tablet? (i can never get my lines to be that fluid using the mouse)
anyway, great stuff as usual! the logo, especially.
what are you working on now?

bohrdom: Hi!! Yes i use a tablet, but for those lines i just traced them on photoshop using the pen tool :slight_smile: . I have to correct and refine the side view and perspective of that shoe. :wink:

Great work Flight. There’s not much bad I can say. I do think you should display the black/yellow color instead of the white/yellow color towards the end of the page. I think the black/yellow looks much more aggressive than the white one, and I think it will be easier for the viewer to make the connection to Kobe since his last 2 shoes have been released first in black/yellow.

Also, great process. I really like the 3/4 sketch of the midsole.

Oh yeah, what’s that last purple/white/yellow model of on the page of? Medial?

ak47celtics: Hi. Cool that you like it. I must aggree, the black yellow color looks much aggressive. I will post the refined one. The last purple/white/yellow model of on the page are images of 2 different uppers that i combined to make a poster.

How is you trail concept going?

looks like a good start. The perspective of that last rendering is very cool! I realize you are trying to loosen things up a bit by adding some exciting lines, I think you may have carried things a little far…it ends up a bit distracting. Another thing I would be careful about is doing the large signatures. I think its ok to do a signature…just keep it mild and make sure its never in competition for any of your work. You can even think about other things you can do in your sketching that identify you or your style other than a sig. How great would it be for people to recognize a “Karabo sketch” just from glancing at it? I think in a lot of ways you are already there…you have a distinct style with your renderings and presentation. I think you show a lot of heart and great work on this forum so just keep at it and always work on refining yourself as a designer. That goes for me too!

The last purple/white/yellow model of on the page are images of 2 different uppers that i combined to make a poster.

Nice! You have some sick poster-making skills…I remember that Converse Diablo poster you did…sick work!

How is you trail concept going?

Not bad. I been sketching for the sole, and I just got a set of cool gray markers in so I can get rendering pretty soon.

Anyways, great work and keep it up!

Karabo, first of all, I like it. But I agree with everything jm745 said. Regardless of your intent with the loose lines laid over the rendering and the big sig, it comes off gimmicky. Your work is outstanding enough without those things. You have a somewhat unique ability to create a fully computer-rendered design with the expressive quality of a hand rendering. Very nice.

One thing I’m not really feeling about the design is the straight-across toe cap. Granted, I’m not a big fan of that straight-across toe cap on any athletic shoe (aside from Chucks), but that’s just a personal thing. I do acknowledge when one works with a design. I don’t see it working that well here. You’ve got some great shapes in that strap. I’d like to see you use some similar lines to dress the toe.

Again, I LOVE the strap. I also wonder how that loop around the Swoosh would look if reshaped with some of the geometric lines used in the strap.

I’m so glad that you all like it!! Thank you for the feedbacks, it means a lot to me. :smiley:


I’ve been waiting to weigh in, just wanted to let it sit with me so I could have more feedback than “that’s hot”

JM was spot on, I think the lines get a bit distracting, I think you could get a similar effect with looser brushwork and more contrast in the rendering itself instead of post applied lines.

The design itself looks very good. A few things of course:

1> Perfs in the heel: most likely there will be a heel counter behind there making the perfs non functional in that location.

2> Outsole, I know your intention was to be close to the ground, but right now the outsole looks very thinck and gives the impression it lifts it off the ground. I thin in part this is due to the bulge in the heel, long arch, and lots toe spring…

Personally, I like the design itself a lot, nice work.


i must say that i’ve seen all of your other work and it was done much more quickly.
it’s really nice to see an in depth project fully developed with your ideas fully realized.

keep up the good work.


Karabo! Great work man! I really like what you have done here. You have spent the time to research and put some of “Kobe” in as well, which I think is a great step for you and I hope you see that it adds some depth and discovery to your overall project. The strap is fresh but the question I asked myself was if the extended part down the middle of the eyerow would always line up if this were truly a functional strap designed to accomodate different-sized feet. But that’s nitpicking :wink:

I do agree with the others regarding the lines you throw over the top of your work. I think your style stands enough on it’s own that you can save that treatment for conceptual sketch presentation if anything at all.

I agree with Ryan about the capped toe-don’t sweat it though…he hated on my too! LOL j/p But I do think it could maybe extend into a bottom lace loop and echo the strap’s language as well. Also, the forefoot midsole/outsole looks a bit thick to communicate “light weight and flexible” for me. But great work nonetheless! The black one is Killer!!

Keep em coming!


VD23: Hi Tony. This project really helped me understand a little bit more about footwear design. I must say that it is not easy as i thought it was before. The more you understand, the more challenging it becomes. i had to think about everything, not just a side view. :smiley: It was really interesting, really challenging and i love it. It seams that now i feel more confortable with perspective and all the other views. I will practice more :slight_smile: . Footwear design is again really difficult and i see now how hard you guys ( TH,Yo, Ryan Holler, Justin Taylor and all the guys working in the industry) are pushing you self and challenge your creativity EVERYDAY. Whoaa you guys are good. :smiley:

Thanks for the feedbacks, i will always need some.

Hi Mike, Thank you for stoping by and giving us some crits. I read all the feedbacks and i reworked the proportion and stance of the design. I also change the placement of the perfs and brought them in the front.
Here is the refined design, hope it is better.

Thank you all, i appreciate it :smiley: