Karabo:My Zoom Kobe 5 concept

This is a concept for the Zoom Kobe 5 i made for my portfolio, I’m still a student and i will welcome feedbacks from you all. The Zoom Kobe 5 will use the IPS like the one used on the last 2 jordans (20, 21) I’m working now on different concept for the IPS for the Zoom Kobe 5.
I didn’t post any sketches because there is too much, but if you want to see them just let me know i will post them if necassary as photograph.


i think the sole is flat,it needs movement in the shank.

the render i think is a little bit pixelate,try to put a real leather texture,or another kinda texture by photoshop.

the background in yellow…you can play with endless possibilities.

and the “nike logo” is not in the correct side.

kind regards!

Great Job!!! I like them a lot! Just a few things I think you could improve.

Right now I can’t see any seperation from the outsole and midsole on the lateral view, design that area more. Maybe make it flow with the rounded shapes on the upper more.

I don’t like that grey pod under the arch on the outsole. I’m assuming that’s an IPS pod, and I think for that area of the foot it would be better to have carbon fiber (like on the lateral view) rather than a flexible tech like IPS.

Other than that I like them alot. They look very realistically rendered except for the ankle area, they do look a bit pixelated there. I like the shade of purple you used surrounding the shape on the lateral side, and overall I think the shoe looks very nice.

Billymenut: You right, the rendering is a little bit pixelate i did it on purpose, but it seems like nobody is feeling that :slight_smile:
What do you mean by the Nike logo is not in the correct side?

ak47celtics: Thank you for the reply, you right, i will need to show the separation from the outsole and midsole maybe change the sole in a different color
Actually under the arch(midfoot) is just Carbon fiber.
Here is a close view of the sole.

Here is the new sole, alittle bit different :slight_smile:

hi Flight!

the logo in the background,look at the right corner.