Karabo: Air Jordan Melo 5

Hi, it’s been a little while since i have posted. I was working on this concept for the Air Jordan Melo 5. I still work on that and i need some feedbacks on my design. I didn’t start working on the tech part of the design yet, I just worked on the aesthetic part. Can i get some feedbacks on that one? especially what can i add to clarify my design, like sketches and views that i didn’t draw yet.


I like your one image which is shown on left side of this canvas with black background.

Your Concept will be better if you control no of triangular elements used. :bulb:



This isn’t directly related to this design…but I’ve seen you post designs so rapidly here, just wondering, how do you get them all done so fast?

I agree I def like the top left one the best…I’m not sure how I feel about the paint splattering on the midsole, it’s definetely unique, but I think I like the shoe better without it.

hey karabo what program r u using to render your shoes?
tight melos looks like an evolutionary approach.

ADD: Thanks for the feedbacks, since i’m still working on that one i might try different shapes for the eyelet.

ak47:Wasup man? I usually work on it for a day. take a break,come back, take another break. I try to work on my designs like if i was working on a real project.

themekadon: I use Photoshop. First i get the line work on illustrator and then go on Photoshop to render it. :slight_smile:

your rendering abilities are great, but don’t let them outpace your design abilities.

wavy lines meets sharp edged triangle? I think the design does not look as harmonious and holistic as it could right now. Also, your outsole views looks rushed…

don’t rush to the render phase man, work the design out fully, toss it around. Look at it, take a break from it, overlay it, throw it away, redraw it from memory, do that 10 times, then render it!

How is this for Melo? What about him toes to the shoe? What makes this signature level?

Remember the rendering is just one small step on the way to making the product, it is not your final deliverable. I love a juicy rendering more than the next guy, believe me, but it is about the design first.

I’ve held off on replying to these because I wanted to sit with them a bit. I’m being hard on you, but we’ve talked before, you’ve got a lot of abilities and potential, just keep pushing yourself and your work.

Karabo, I have nothing to add, criticism-wise, that hasn’t already been said. I just want to compliment you, and encourage you to keep working hard. The improvement you’ve made since I first saw your work is impressive.

nice work, as I’ve said on your other designs.

Like Yo mentioned, I would also recommend to work on the design and concept first more thoroughly and explore the options before jumping to rendering.

As well, looking at your renderings and presentation, I get the feeling that there is really only 1 drawing/design of the shoe, just in lots of different rendering styles, with too much going on with notes, scribbles, etc.

I dont see that the different detail views and pics give any more information that one clear rendering. I would rather see more explanatory drawings of the different features, or different solutions to the same problem than 6 pics of the same rendering.

…and the huge signature and drawn lines over your rendering here and in some of the other projects i do find a bit distracting.

clearly you have some good skills and a good drive to do so many projects.

to take things to the next level, perhaps try working longer on 1 project, a fully work out the details constructions, materials, etc. BEFORE goind to rendering. You aesthetic sense is pretty well defined and you have a good understanding of proportions which i think could be even more developed as you get into the depths of a project.


Traveler9: hi!!!

rkuchinsky: you are totally right, no more digital rendering until i have fully explored all the concepts and design elements. I rushed too much on the rendering phase after i sketched something that might be cool that’s why my designs are not fully developped. :wink: I got it

Honestly, I think the design looks too cold. It doesn’t seem to have any soul to it. It’s probably because it seems like it was rendered completely on the computer. I like the use of the triangles, but I’d need to see this concept taken further before I give a more definite opinion.