Karabo: Air Jordan 10.5 Presentation board

Hi everyone!! Here is my design for the Air Jordan 10.5. I hope you will like it. I will also like if i can get some feedbacks on the design and the presentation. I hope you will read the design story on the right bottom corner of the presentation. I will post my design process sketches and story board on my previous post from yersterday.

Thank you

i was wondering, “what the heck is going on with all the numbers.” but the story was hot. i like the idea of the return. maybe tone it down a bit. on your presentation board i get a bit confussed. the 23 seems off to the side while the 45s seem to be a group. followed by a second 23.

ill have to go check out all the process sketches.

what are you doing your linework with. i think your renderings would look WAY hotter if you stroked paths in ps or something to make the lines more aggressive. i think this simple thing could be a huge difference.

take care,

I rather not be the first to comment but here it goes. I love the side, bottom, and perspective views. Having your presentation in black and white not only gives the board a classic and sophisticated look, but it also pays homage to the concord colorway of the XI. I can’t make out the small words, on the second page, I am assuming that explains the performance or material details, but could you blow that up a little so I could read it better.

I think you should work on the back view it looks clunky and doesn’t look like it fits your shoe or the X or XI. I think you should rework or add to your design story. The design story doesn’t really explain what you were thinking, what you were trying to prove with the shoe, performance upgrades, it basically tells us facts about MJ that alot people know about. I think you should add that stuff in there.

But I think you blended the 10 and XI well. I love the bottom view I just had to say it again!!!

Karabo I sent you a email check it out cause I have picture I something I’ve been working on.

davidwhetstone: Hi David! I glad that you liked the story behind the shoe. I must agree on the that the numbers 23 4545 23 seems a little bit strange the way they are placed. I will correct that and give some space between the 2345 and the 4523.
I will also give it a shot tonight and add some line stroke with photoshop and try to beef it up.
My line work were done with illustrator and i went on photoshop for the rendering.

Hey Reggie, i got your email and i replied. good job.
The design was really tough to do, like you said the back view is not as exiting as the overal design, I can see that now it is really “clunky”. I will rework it.
Here is a closer look at the basic tech drawing. i dont know why the image has that color when i hosted.

hey man.

yea…try it out.

i do not mean to be a little punk…but just want to make sure you are creating your document in the right size. i know i had a lot of trouble figuring out how to save out images. if you did the line art in illustrator, i do not understand why it is showing up so scratchy.

create your photoshop document as a 300 resolution document. when you save it out as web, keep the jpeg quality all the way up (12) do not reduce this. if you create a document in rgb at 300, the file will still be pretty small. if you are showing the image on screen only, you can always change the image size to 72 (downsizing) before you save…but create the document at 300.

i am guessing this is something you have played with. i think you have some really hot stuff going on…i hope you can get these details figured out to really put your renderings over the top.

good to see your stuff.

I think the lines look scatchy because of the website where i upload my files. My presentation board was 2000 pixels and 150 resolution and when i uploaded on the web i reduced the size to 1024 by 768 maybe it shrink it a bit. I was surprise today, when i uploaded my jpeg illustrator tech drawing it changed color. that is why my tech drawing above has that color. it was really weird.

David, do you have any tips and good way to upload images?

Also I dont know but when i do my line work in illustrator and save it as jpeg it is always open with photoshop. like it is a photoshop file i dont know why. when i try to uploaded the file on a website hosting directly from my desktop it never work so i have to open it with photoshop and save as a jpeg to be able to uploaded.

rather than opening the illustrator linework as a jpeg…

have both programs opened at the same time…ill and ps. ctrl c or apple c your linework. switch to ps and ctrl v or apple v your linework. when it asks you what to paste as…paste as pixels. this way you arent saving as a jepg then opening to edit. you are pasting the pixels straight into ps. this may help.



I think this design looks great! I can’t agree that the X is one of the most aggressive and advanced AJ’s ever, though I do love it… just more for it’s simplicity and comfort.

I agree with DW on the heel strap and am looking forward to your revision. I like the 23/45 45/23 idea on paper…but it becomes a bit muddled once manifested on the design visually. For starters, the “4” translates more as an “F” and I think you need to bring the right stem at least a little bit below the extension to get a better read as a “4”…if that makes sense. maybe another alternative would be to put a 45 on the left heel, and a 23 on the right heel…then flip that on the toe where your rubber wraps up so it’s a 23 on the left toe and a 45 on the right toe…if THAT makes sense. LOL

I am just nitpicking but these were my thoughts. Overall the rendering is just HOT for me…though a bit cold and sterile…for some reason your renderings are very sterile to me…as are my own a lot of times. They could use some softness and warmth. Yeah, it’s vague, I know. Ha ha. Mine are very sterile lately as well since I have been doing them all in illustrator. I need to get back to my markers.

Sometimes saving your jpegs in CMYK mode will cause funny color issues. Make sure they are RGB. I have had a similar problem and that was the cause.

Great work Bro!!! Love to see your stuff!!!


Wasup Tony!!

I have reworked the heel strap and i ended up with many ideas that i will post later today. when i was doing the lettering for the number 23 and 45, the number 4 was the one i was struggling with. i changed it up like you suggested and actually it is more easy to read it.

I think a computer rendering will always be a bit cold unless you combine it with you markers and pen sketches to give it contrast on your page. I totally agree, but i love render my design using photoshop. i cant get away from it. even if i have markers rendering i will be so excited when it is time to do a computer rendering. I just love it. The more i do it, the better i can understand forms and see how they work together when light and color are apply to them. But if i was doing that with markers it will have took an eternity to understand.

Maybe by combining markers and digital some how it could bring something new and maybe hot.

This is the direction i’m taking for the heel strap. I thought about exposing some elastic strips like the one on the lateral view and the tongue, howerver i decided to use plastic strips instead so that i could have achievements about Michael J scribble on them in a classic way . Also for performance purpose plastic will work better for the heel strip that elastic band. i’m still working on it and post it.

i enjoy looking at your work everytime you post.
i can’t believe you’re not a profesional footwear designer ( hope to see you here soon :wink:.
a few thoughts in regards to your design.
good hybrid of the 10 and the 11. but what if the 10.5 was not in between the 2, but more something like " what if the 10 was designed today, with the modern technology. improve the 10!

you did a fantastic job, your front 3/4 view looks great, however the sideview is not as dinamic. to much pattent leather below your ankle. you have to do something with thet area. a detail, a new way to applu the logo ( think aj15 ) something tone on tone maybe that brakes that emptiness ) the outsole looks good… but is it enough function driven?.. traction areas, flex zone ?

the proportion of the shoe is very realistic, but not much different then the 10 ( and that was 13 years ago)
look at how cars shape for example evolved trough years… can the shoe silluethe evolve as well? buy reducing the foam in the upper, or layers… lowering the midsole height ( foot closer to the ground) yourshape could look a lot more modern.

last but not least… you’ve proved how talented you are, your designs are beautiful, comercial and… contemporary… it’s time for you to think outside of the box and create new visual languages ( jordan 11, talaria…) make the people feel uncomfortable, but kids exited… retro can’t last forewer in it’s current form.

keep pushing yourself and all of us!!!


DD23: really feeling what you said. i will give it a shot and do a “what if” concept for this one with an advance visual language. For this one my goal was to really bring those 2 shoes together and tweak it a little bit. :slight_smile: i will try to evolve it by doing a concept of it.

Here is a marker rendering of what the advance concept will be like. i will refine it and add some simplicity to it. I decided to reduce the outsole by cutting it and have some gaps reducing weight. it will also provide flexand stability if applied correctly. The midsolewill be hidden cover with leather. The inner sock will be exposed so the foot can breath easily. i would appreciate critics and feedbacks.

Wow, those look nice Karabo. I would recommend rounding the corner on the heel pod. I also think the ankle area is a bit plain and it would probably be easy to sprain your ankle with that big notch and no means of securing that area.

love the see your reaction…
challenge the rules and think outside of the box.

you can learn a lot from the talaria or the AJ11.
these shoes completly challenged the aesthetic back then and in some way also the performance… they simply worked better then any other shoe.

make sure you are improving the performance while you’re challenging the aesthetic.
don’t create the "new’ by removing the needed…
remove the “obvious” but not the needed.
i remember when i bought the 11 i was comfortable with their performance, i knew there was air and foam for the cushioning, support aroud my ankle, and a good lacing sistem… the tp, different overlays and traditional materials had gone but that dd not compromised the perfrmance.

your sketch looks scary without the ankle support being this a b.ball shoe.
also your rand ( glossy blk area) is segmented in so many pieces stitched on… is there a cleaner technology to apply a layer for support?

last tip would be… inovate and be frienly… don’t take people too far…they won’t ollow you.
the tallaria looked like a running shoe and the aj11 like a … legend :wink:


Air Jordan “10.5 W-I”
This is what i came up with, i designed the upper in a way that the shoe could be more flexible and provide air for the foot to stay fresh. I designed a set of windows for this purpose with the inner mesh exposed. For the ankle i wanted the foot to feel secure so i created bed kind shape for the ankle to fit perfectly in it. A heel strap for fit adjustment and the toe box is segmented where the eyerow would normaly be so that the foot can bend and flex easily.
Hope i’m getting there, i would appreciate feedbacks and comments on that one.

Good concept Karabo.

This last design is much more interesting than previoUs versions.
You have added a few strong details but I think some of them fight against each other.
It’s like the styling of the shoe is not consistent, you have a detail speaking a language and another detail speaking another language…

  1. the F1 snorkel like toe vent is very nice! But why you have used different hole treatment for side vents borders? Then, front vent and side vents don’t seem to flow together, like different shoe parts randomly put together.

  2. Patent leather portion is suddenly interrupted and it doesn’t match neither outsole shape nor forefoot shape (i see you used midfoot flex points/inner lace loops shape as a reference but it doesn’t work very well).

  3. Heel area design is not as original and cool as the rest of the shoe, it slows down your design a lot.

  4. As Denis said, jumpman over malleoli is quite common…why not to put it right over the forefoot snorkel? Maybe you could make it just with very close microperfs…

Don’t lose faith in your skills due to my list of suggestions!
I think you have lot of cool things on this shoe, but you just need a little time to think and make work them together in the best way…

Keep it up!!!

Ciaooo MC[pietro]

Hi Pietro!! Thanks for the comments and suggestion. I will defenetely refine the design a bit. i find out that it is really hard to understand a design just by a side view, a perspective view or others will bring more understanding to the design intent.

very dope sir! keep it up…