Kanye's Air Yeezy

What do you guys think of this colab btwn kanye and Nike? I’m not super crazy into the sneaker scene, but this project stood out in that it seems to be a true design collaboration. Kanye’s LV footwear stuff was kind of laughable, but this seems pretty legit. There are some things about the finished design that I don’t care for, but the level of commitment to the project from both sides is admirable. There’s a good interview posted below on Complex, and a huge gallery. I posted some of the more interesting development sketches. There was a really exaggerated (at least to me) forward canted tongue gesture that got a little lost in the final that I liked. One of the mockups shows a really puffed out cuff area that I thought had a lot of character…


couple more pics. There’s a bunch more colorways on the web.

Interesting article. Thanks for the heads up. Funny to see Kayne’s chicken scratch sketches and pullover and read how they had to go with existing tooling.

The final shoe, to me is a bit “meh”. It’s better IMHO in the pullover with the different soling and more pronounced features.


Marty McFly just called, he wants his kicks back…

That’s exactly what I thought.

These images could probably be anonymously posted on kicksguide and nobody would bat an eye. They’re just another set of poorly done retro ugliness. Shoes are the new cars, everyone loves them, and most of what people come up with these days isn’t really new or beautiful. Just my 2 cents.

^sheesh!! im not a fan of collecting shoes or shoes per se, but i like the DESIGN of shoes… i think its cool. believe me, i probably hate kanye wests music & persona more than anyone on earth… but i kind of like the shoes! (not the lv ones, altho there was a couple i thought were ok… i just think LV took a major dive hooking up w that guy) but anyway, its interesting to see the development process (if you like design??) and to be honest i think a marty mcfly inspired nike boot was long overdue, and no matter what i won’t be a ‘hater’, props where its due, i think the shoes ok.

the man himself however dry retch what a fckng moron

I’m not buying into this at all. I think that this collaboration stuff is getting a little played out these days. Here is an amusing video of what Tinker Hatfield has to say about Kanye :slight_smile:

the cleaned up line work design is super slick compared to the final!

Did you read any of the Complex story?
The McFlys were cited as a starting point by Kanye.

They are kinda cool, though I am pretty sick of the fusion nonsense. LOL@ Mark Smith’s sketch that looks about 1% like the actual shoe.

co-sign! at least the vision for these started with idea of making something truly original (though referencing the mcflys)…it was funny to read about about the outsole/tooling design taking too long for being the reason for switching to the aj iii bottom

the hyperflights were already influenced by the mcflys anyways. then when the did the mcfly colorway that took the cake, so i dont see the need for another mcfly inspired shoe anyways.

And yea who is kanye in the shoe design world anyway… give him an existing outsole! :sunglasses:

I reeeeeally wish they kept the original tooling, or stuck with a Dunk tooling. I also like the upper a ton more sans patterns and graphics.

I can’t ever own anything that recycles the III/Revolution tooling. It just seems like too much of a safe move.

true, true…maybe they figured they’d trust the guy that fancies himself “the No. 1 most influential cutural pop art brand” might come with some ill craziness?

you’re killing me man

While the Hyperdunks and the Air Yeezy’s both draw from the
McFly’s They still do something a little different. I’m not in love
with either, but I like both.

yea i love the hyperflights, been balling in them for bout 2 months now and they might be the best b-ball shoes ive ever had. But those kanyes seem a little status quo to all the other hypebeast hitop stuff. I think the hyperdunks look more like “its own shoe”, of course having its own outsole really helps.

but i still think hyperflights=keep, yeezy’s=dont need.

ps. hyperflights are on nikeid now… some crazy combos on there! ill probably order a piar for when my current ones get worn out. Go back to some original huarache colorway ish. White/Royal/Neon Green!

hyperdunks dziner, it’s the hyperDUNKS you love lol. The hyperflights were one of the worst shoes to play in ever haha!

haha, i was considering that while i was typing these replies… i was just to lazy to verify. weren’t the hyperflights the jason kidd ones from a few years back that had that big perforated panel at the rear? again im typing a response without verifying… now i’ll go google search to see if im right or not. :stuck_out_tongue:

upon verificaction… nope, wrong again… buy yea those hyperflights were ugly. i thnk i erased them from my memory, and thats why i misnamed the hyperdunks… hyperflight is a better name though :slight_smile: