Kanye West Plagiarizes Industrial Designer's Work

Oh my.

I am going to hold my tongue and leave politics out of these forums.

I will say that I would have assumed that a creative like Kanye would have a bit more respect for the work, time, resources, talent and effort that goes into producing original work.
And not just pull somebody’s student thesis off Behance and pass it off as his concept.

Who know, maybe it was somebody in his team and didn’t tell him.
Etherway he is responsible for what presents and represents.

To borrow one of the Verge’s commenter’s comment: You wasted valuable electrons publishing crap like this. Kanye West is not news. Nothing tied to West is news.

I wasted .5 valuable calories typing out this response.

I think this absolutely relevant to discuss. We publish our work online all the time, saying “ideas are cheap”.
But when a person in power just grabs your work, removes the branding you put on and passes it off as your own, that’s dishonest and shameful.

I am glad that the Verge and other news outlets do what West failed to do and credits the designer.

Make Kanye 2006 Again.
It’s sad how just because he is successful in one category (music) he feels like he can do anything. He can’t even form a coherent sentence. It’s a shame that nobody calls him on how ridiculous his ideas/thoughts are.

Here I am, getting sucked back in.
OK, fair enough. Its a story with no redeeming qualities and no chance at justice for the original designer. What lessons can we learn from this? Don’t put work on the internet if you don’t want it stolen? That won’t happen. Can we conclude that West has gone loony? That’s been my conclusion for some time. I was writing more from the (shudder) political side in which prioritizing non-news like what West showed DT masks ‘real’ goings-on in the US administration. For that reason I felt its not worthy of discussion, along with “what jacket did Melania wear” and “how much did DT Jr deadlift” and “why does DT like ketchup on his well-done steak”. Just noise.

Ripping off another designer’s work? For sure its bad. But neither I nor anyone on this forum, nor any larger group of people will do anything that changes West’s behavior. The longer I live in this world, the more I try to not get spun up about sh*t I can’t do anything about. Except global warming.

Keep in mind, Kanye is the guy who also interrupted an artists acceptance speech because he was upset his friend didn’t win.

I don’t believe Kanye has the ability to grasp that concept within his brain. I honestly believe he’s in the middle of a mental health crisis, and his handlers and friends should be trying to get him help.

Lol, the plane even made SNL’s opening skit over the weekend.

Let me get this right, the designer spent four years in CCS, and he designs an aircraft that is not manufacturable and will not fly. (Can you gain lift with those wings?) Sorry which one is crazy again? The guy in the MAGA red cap was it?

No comment on Kanye because the facepalm says it all. Someone in the front page comments also noted that the KLM branding has been removed in the image that was shown.

Insert eye roll emoji (On my phone and can’t put one in)

Do you know what the brief was? Do you know how many disciplines are involved in designing a functional and manufacturable aircraft?

He was also in the news this week accused by Lorde herself of copying the floating perspex box set design she has been using for her performances the last few years…

Good artists copy, great artists steal. -Kanye West

LOL. That is a double joke.

I read an article regarding that set. The set designer had actually used that floating stage/box concept before Lorde & Kanye.
What really bugged me was Kanye calling the “new air force one” the i-plane designed by apple. Now those are some creative juices flowing.

I’d like to make clear that it was again Kanye West that was accused of copying the design, not Shabtai Hirshberg.