KanYe to be a design intern

So KanYe West wants to intern at a design house. Probably fashion more than industrial but I’m sure he would love to do work with Kartell or the like. Complex has a min by min outlook: Complex | Music, Sneakers, Style, Pop Culture, News & Shows

I think he is a little too cocky/ thinks that people care what he says to be a good intern but it might bring someone free plablicity.

That was too funny. I don’t think Kanye’s ego will let him be an intern for too long.

yeah, that seems odd to me, due to its extreme size, his ego may only fit at a firm he opens himself. If he hired a bunch of talented people, and acted more as a hands off art director or someone that gave a very generic direction and then lent his name to the company, it may work out for him.

Isn’t he just about to announce his own clothing line?

Kanye is a super driven and committed individual, if he wants to do it, he will make it happen. He worked his ass off to get where he has gotten in the music game beginning as a very hungry “apprentice” type figure to noID. I make no qualms about his cocky and opinionated nature, and don’t condone or defend all his actions, stances, statements, etc. but If he really wants it, he will make it happen. He will undoubtedly use his power and celebrity to take some shortcuts along the way, as it seems he already has, but I wouldn’t write him off at all.

That Complex minute by minute was hilarious!

if we all took the red pill, i think he should have taken the blue pill if you know what i mean…

If it’s anything like his music, he’ll take one vintage classic (say an Eame’s chair) and put a box with a big Kanye sticker on it. It’ll sell like hot cakes (well, no, music doesn’t sell anymore…).


like “Pharrrell’s” chair?


I am a big fan of kanye’s music… slightly less a fan of his antics, but i digress.

To say that his music is comparable to taking an eames chair and putting it in a kanye box is preposterous, heres why;
Eames chair; probably the most recognizable chair design, hell maybe furniture design in general, tons of people would recognize it as an Eames chair.
The songs kanye samples; Damn near obscure soul tracks to a majority of the populous. outside of a few aficionados there is hardly anybody that recognizes his samples and can put a finger on who the original artist is or track is, and he usually changes the speed or pitch at that. Plus… Sampling s HipHop. So i have alot of respect for what he does with his music.

Now most of the hiphop artists coming out with shoe lines… thats a whole different story, they are pretty much putting af1’s or dunks in a -insert rappers name here- box.

How about his sampling of Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger by Daft Punk. I wouldn’t even call that “sampling”, more like a remix. And he won a Grammy for it! This basically proves the point made by Mr-914.

If he can take a song from 2001 and do that (basically take the exact same beat and “rhyme” over it) and have people eat that crap up he can def. take an Eames lounge chair for the 50’s put it in a box with his name on it and people will buy it and praise him for it. A lot of people drink that dudes kool-aid.

I think it is funny how people have gravitated toward him ripping off (or using whatever) the lounge chair and ottoman, he has one in is town house. Too funny.

Anyway, I think he makes good music, and he had to fight to get it out on a label. He got picked up just to produce and make beats. He was one of the original contributors for Complex. I do feel that sometimes he feels that he worked harder for things then others and thus is entitled to rewards, e.g. MTV Euro VMA’s(2006?) he stormed the stage after loosing. He has done some clothing with Nego through A Bathing Ape. If KanYe “rips off” any furniture it would be some lesser known Saarinnen, the Grasshopper chair maybe.

I was hoping for more of a flame than that hehe;)

I actually like Kanye’s music, although I know nothing about him. It reminds me of all the obscure music (read Motown quadruple platinum hits) that I listened to as a kid. I think there is a line between copying and original creation and Kanye is probably the closest to it.

Most people don’t use samples as long and obvious as he does. I haven’t listened to whole albums, just what’s on the radio, but his lyrics seem pretty shallow too. It’s kind of easy-listening hip-hop. I like Chicago too, so don’t take easy-listening as a complete insult.

There’s far worse. I can’t remember the name, but there was some album in NPR’s top 25 of 2008 that was nothing but samples. No drum machine, no rapping, just samples strung together. I couldn’t believe that it got released, nor could I believe anyone thought it worth listening to.

Hilarious! I didn’t even know he owned one. It makes this discussion a bit more enjoyable to know. Anything else in his town house worth mentioning?

I understand the guys beginnings. But, I don’t think it takes away from the point that he could do a slight remix of something and get more acclaim in the mainstream then the original.

I can agree with that, Stronger is a good example.
I have had conflicted feelings about a lot of his stuff for awhile. When I was a teenager, I hated Puffy for the way he went about “producing songs”, but for whatever reason when Kanye does very close to the same thing, I don’t mind as much, but it’s cool as I am comfortable in contradiction (to a degree). One thing that has been real cool with Kanye and helped him to win favor in some underground circles early on was that he brought some good people that helped him along for the ride helping them gain or regain greater notoriety than they had previously garnered (Talib Kweli, Common, Rhymefest, Mos Def, etc.) How might this translate to design?

To veer ever so slightly of our charted course…just to raise as a point of discussion…

Consider “sampling” as it applies to product. When considering music, I generally make a distinction between sampling ( using a part of something and flipping it in a unique way to create something different ) and biting ( straight jacking that $#!+ ).

Where Apple drawing inspiration from Dieter Rams could be considered sampling, and All the million variations and knock-offs of Air Force 1’s is biting. Is the Pre “biting” from the i-phone? or does new UI and qwerty mean it’s sampling or different altogether?

Where is the line?

What are we okay with?

Do we give leeway to some designers/companies/firms over others?

I doubt George Bush cares about this too…

it allways slays me when people talk about sampling and remixing as making music…i guess to me you write, sing or play other than that your just ripping off sombody else. Given his method of “creation” i doubt he will even go so far as taking someting old and putting it in a box with his logo, more likely he will sell at huge profits stick on logo badges so that others can “create” their own new works of art… :laughing:

Girl Talk is the shit!

LabRats: Um a wall of Andy Warhol prints (the full Campbell’s soup can series). That also goes along with people sampling other sources, Andy Warhol got sued by the guy who made the Bright Pad box design after Warhol reproduced it as art.

This conversation reminds me the Michael Beirut essay on plagiarism. Depending on how you look at it we all are guilty of plagiarism. Mimicking subtle aspects of a design, you might not even realize it (as the protagonist in the essay claims) but you did it.

Or were you inspired by the thought of…

not me i invent stuff too.

were you inspired???

I am glad someone finally brought out the fact that “Sampling” is quintessential Post Modernism.

I find it a wee bit ironic that artists, who fought so hard for post-modernist thought processes, are now getting bitten in the pocket book by the fruits of their labor. i.e. the KanYe Wests of the world are sour about online trading of the same said music.