Kansas, that state in the middle.

Has anyone been to the University of Kansas’s ID program? Is it good, I have heard some good things about it, but also that the students don’t seems to give a damn, and thats its main problem. Also, what are the best PUBLIC state ID programs.

Why public? I went private and with all the tuition assistance and scholarship money it cost way less than going to public school out of state. I know people think private college is too expensive but most people don’t bother to find out if it really is. Sure some are expensive. But some aren’t. Or they look expensive until you find out how much help they can give you.

hey now, i was just posting a question, we hear so much about private schools, and I think we can all agree, those schools have a interest in good art, and design, you don’t see that in all state schools. Plus, let us not forget that there are a lot of advantages of going to university’s. Sports, greek life, bigger campuses, different people, different ideas. So the question is not about money, its about a good art program without having to give up a lot of the “college life.”

I greaduated from the program a few years ago. Faculty has changed a bit since I was there. At the time one professor was very involved in IDSA and 2 others were openly critical of IDSA and occasionally each other. I attributed it to tenured professors who have carved out their little domains of power till they retire.

The quality of students changed from year to year also. The classes who finished the 2 years before me were probably 70% B+ students or better. My graduating class was a different mix. Only 20-30% of us were B or better. Sure, I had classmates who didn’t give a crap but you’ll get that in any degree program.

I went to a couple of Midwest IDSA conferences and the weakest part of KU’s program compared to other Midwest schools was little or no corporate sponsored design projects. That has changed somewhat since I was there as well. At the conferences I was impressed with some of the portfolios coming from(if I remember correctly) Wisconsin/Stout, Purdue and Cincinatti.

KU was trying to get CNC capabilities off the ground as I was graduating so I missed out on that.

Have you visited the school?

If your’e asking about state programs because of cost, then the only way to really take advantage of the tuition rate is to be an in-state resident.

Typically tuition is doubled for out-of-state and tripled for international students. Gaining residency can vary from state to state, it may mean an address and something like a utility bill to prove your actually living there to having a full time job for 6 months.

There is no end of opinion on where the best program is, but only several offer co-ops that can significantly offset living expenses (UC for exzmple).

My advice is pick out the state school you want to attend - move there and apply after establishing residency. It may delay your graduation but you wont have crushing student loans to pay back.

read what i said, its not about cost.

I am guessing University of Cincinnatti and San Jose State University, but that one of the questions i posted earlier. Still no reply :frowning:

ku has maintained an acredited id program for 30+ years so the program has always been solid. classes are small and you get out what you put in. lawrence,ks is a small (100k +/-) art/music centered community with much of its growth coming from students not leaving after graduation. the campus is beautiful, but you walk to class up-hill, both ways. great basketball also helps to make a ks winter tolerable. worth a road trip to check it out for yourself.

i agree, i would go check out kansas, you will be suprised how nice it is. Its a good school if your interested in other things than art and design, the programs are good, students are nice, campus is beautiful. You wont find the passion of an “art school” but its a trade off for other plus’s.