Kansas City Area...Any Design?

I’m moving back home in the Kansas City area shortly, however there seems to be not a whole lot for design there. Does anyone know if there’s any companies/firms there either product design/point-of-purchase design?


its been a while since i’ve been in that scene, but here are a few…


martin logan
learjet (wichita)

there are some other POP that i can’t recall but i’ll see if i can dig them up.

thanks for the help, I’ll keep the search going.

Let us know if you find anything good. I love Kansas City and would love to move back if I found the right job out there.

So I’ve been back home in the Kansas City area for a few weeks (saving money) and there seems to be nothing. I feel “design stranded.” I’ve been applying to any job out there that is within my years of experience…even if it didn’t sound appealing. Because I am “design stranded” I don’t feel like I can make any new connections or have the edge in being a local candidate for a position. I am considering packing-up and moving to a city with tons of design and taking a risk to make something happen. Just pack-up and go, not turn back. What would you do, or what is your experience in doing so. Would you play it safe and live somewhere for free, but not feel like your going anywhere? Or would you take the risk and just pick a spot and go?


As a KC native myself, I can tell you that there are some design gigs in the greater metro area, but not really too much in the way of a consultancy or agency. They are all pretty much corporate, POP and exhibit jobs. That being said, here a couple other in the area that you might want to look into…

kendall king group (POP)
Winntech (POP)
Dimensional Innovations (Signage)
Bushnell (corporate product mfr - binoculars etc.)

Good luck!

Hmm, other than Infusion and Garmin, I can’t think of much. That said, I worked for Hopkins Mfg in Emporia for a few years. Great opportunity to learn a LOT about injection-molding, etc. Good experience but there isn’t much, if anything, in the way of culture down there. It’s pretty desolate. I learned to cope and simply rode a mountain-bike in the open Flint Hills in order to train for bike racing. There is NOTHING outside of town.

Keep in mind that there are places around Wichita too (Coleman.) But in looking at your situation as a recent graduate, I’d suggest sucking it up, finding a loft in Bucktown and moving to Chicago. A lot more opportunities there. But it all comes down to what you want in life. What is important to YOU, not what you think would be a cool thing to tell friends. Make sense?


This is a pretty awesome website.

Join AIGA KC and find some networks through there!

Thanks for all the help everyone. I decided to pack up and move to Chicago, thats where all my connections are. Hopefully I can make it happen.

Not sure if it’s too late or not. But Coleman just posted a job in Wichita.

I already have applied awhile ago, but thanks.