KAINA Design

The art of Minimalism

I’ve seen Minimalism and this isn’t it. This feels more like post industrial nouveau

Thanks Yo, we at Kaina value your remark very seriously and religiously.

You are correct, it’s not about Minimalism but a sort of makeover.
We stared with something else but our client made many changes on it :slight_smile: as per their taste.
So,the whole idea of minimalism got diminished.

Mazoni with Amber

Many improvements still required.

So, minimalist and edgy designs aren’t (yet) your strength, the lighting design is getting somewhere.
Good time to ask yourself and gain a clear view on what your strongest points are, what you want to do in the design space and what you want to mean to your customers.

Hi ralphzoontjens,
Thanks a lot for your honest review. Yes we did loose our credibility with lots of blunder and lack of knowledge, you know. We did terribly bad thanks to our limited knowledge.
Sometime just an honest feedback is all that you need.

I would agree the light is getting there…

Looking at your website it feels as if you are an engineering firm that is trying to expand on your design capabilities. I say expand because i have a very broad view of who i refeer to as “designers”

a few questions:

  1. what are you trying to achieve by exploring this new design capabilities for your company
  2. do you have any experienced designers that subject matter experts in that area (other then engineers)
    a. styling
    b. form development
    c. ergonomics
    d. design PSYCHOLOGY
  3. if you do are they the right ones capable of helping to achieve your vision for your company
  4. if you dont have them internal consider hiring consultants who can either
    a. help you understand who you need on your team and how to properly integrate them
    b. help you on a few projects while at the same time providing you and your team within insight into What they are doing / Why they are doing
    it / and how they are going to do it.

    Just a few quick thoughts.

Hi cwatkinson,
Ya, we are mainly engineering firm, we translate concept to engineering drawing.
We are trying to regain our lost credibility, you know. :slight_smile:
Mistake is a must while Learning is everything…sooner it’s better.