K@rim @ CCS today

He gave a lecture today at CCS… anyone else attend? What did you think?

You know, I heard Karim Rashid on the radio the other day. The whole interview he talked about the benefits of design, not the benefits of his designs. I was shocked and delighted.

Are you sure he wasn’t just assuming everyone would think when he say’s design, he means ‘Karim’s Design!’.

He talked about how great plastic is, about how great it is to dispose of things that are six months old and not regret it… he yelled at one member in the audience who had fallen asleep halfway thru his lecture. he had a big screen in the background displaying a powerpoint presentation of all his work while he talked. the refreshments afterward were the best part. i tried talking to him afterward, but he really just ignored me. i guess when you’re a superstar designer, you don’t need to pay attention to those beneath you… he did talk to a couple of females that fawned all over him a moment later.

He talked about how design adapts to the changing world and vice versa, nothing really new for designers to know.

Actually, we(me and my peers) thought the speech exceeded our expectations because we were expecting some kind of ego-fest.

However, while he talks about all the great stuffs that designers should be doing, I don’t think much of that is present in his products.

Over all, the speech is nothing unique to who he is or what he does. It can be given by any designer and wouldn’t make a difference. I wonder how much they paid him to do that.

BTW, that dude who got yelled at for falling asleep is a CCS full-time instructor. I think that’s enough details :laughing:

However, while he talks about all the great stuffs that designers should be doing, I don’t think much of that is present in his products.

No kidding – very chintzy-looking stuff actually. Glad to know that you and your friends weren’t mesmerized by his “hands-in-the-air”, “magician-like” lecture.

I feel sorry for the guy he yelled at. How rude… and then he said, “You don’t need to say anything…” when the dude tried to explain his actions…

on a side note, what is up with his love affair with the color pink?

I sat at the very last row, so I didn’t really see all that hand waving.

Pink/white is just a way they brand themselves. Every of those “high-designer” designer has a specific theme for their appearance. Everything they wear, gesture they make, word they say, story they tell is a part of the larger branding exercise.

It’s cool the school brought in an outside designer to lecture. I know CCS is doing a pretty good job of reaching out to the industry… but, you know, it’s Karim.

It was done with Clear Magazine, which is a local design/fashion magazine. But yeah, we were quite surprised to hear about the lecture. Toyota is also sponsoring the lecture.

I was disappointed that there wasn’t a Q&A session.