Just wrong

Okay, I have a problem with the Dell Computer Optiplex GX280. It is a mission to insert my USB stick to the computer. Its the onldest computer we have in our computer lab at school. Since the computer sits on a lower rack near the floor, I have to get down on the floor like a mechanic to insert my usb.

Does any one know who designed this computer? The reason for such a complex interface? they should be thrown in jail for this…jk

I know the feeling very well. I used to have one of these at work and I finally got a USB hub for this same reason. The Hub would always be conected in the back and it would sit on my desk. When I needed it, it was right there.

is that the style with the large flip up door on the lower front half? the usb port is angled downward and is tricky to find from above? I think HLB did that case and at the time, it was quite a innovative feature. Most all computers had USB ports on the backside only, and before that there were ZIP disks… Kids these days have it so easy.

I can sympathize. I still own one. It’s pretty good, but I have had the same issue. I have put the USB Cruzer in the screen, and in the back of the computer to alleviate this hassle. Putting it in the back is better for me, because my kids don’t wrench on it or try to take it out. I am not sayings it’s logical…


Is this the one where you not only can’t see the usb port because it is angled downwards, as mentioned, but it is also mounted upside down? We had some of those at school. You would fiddle around trying to insert the usb stick and when getting down on your knees to see what was going on down there you realized you had to insert the usb stick upside down.

I guess this is function over form.

Having to bend over is not nearly as annoying as having accidentally hit the usb stick & then having to fish the plug out with a pair of needle-nose pliers. Not to mention that all the data is basically lost on the drive unless you happen to have macgyver like skills with gum & bic pens.

Lot’s of programs (MasterCam comes to mind) that use hasp’s (usb stick security) & that “annoying” little flap helps keep it from getting kicked, stolen, etc. :smiley: