just when you thought ther couldnt be anymore

I decided to enter the kicksguide competition at the last minute here is my submission. This one was rushed so its not quite finished and the rendering is not where I want it (very flat, missing materials) :blush:
i hope to have more time this weekend to create a better rendering and will update as I get it

let me know what you think

forgot to log in

here’s something i’ve learned a couple of years ago… don’t show things that you feel are not finished… the feedback or the result you want to get will be highly impossible to achive.
this is the reason i want give you the feedback…but i want to give you a second chance and surely I’m interested to see where you’ll land this project.

hope you got it in the right way.


sorry for my BAD spelling.

ok so here is the update

what do you think?

can’t see the shoe :slight_smile:
i’m joking… but i’m not