Just want to get some help in design

I am trying to play with the words “k w”

but seems like i am not getting anywhere
just wondering if there is anything that could help my process

If you get the feeling that you aren’t getting anywhere, it might be because you don’t know where you want to go.

It looks like you are working on a logo design. The most important part of a logo is not to be clever, which you are desperately trying, but rather to fit whatever the logo is for and in what context it has to function.

I would advice to step back, forget about to intertwine the k and the w in some nifty way and instead think about your inspiration and the context. Is it for print, for a website, for a business card?

try different fonts. The green box seems the best with some work and better font choice. What is it for, your personal identity (business card, etc)?

okay. Thanks
i will spend more time on this.
btw is it because i am new to design. i find the letter" k" hard to deal with.

I agree with bepster. Logo design isn’t about making letters look like images. Look up famous brands with “K” in their name. You’ll see that basically none of them are letters that have been made to look like an image.

Check this site out for inspiration.

People have to be able to just glance at a logo and get it. If you make it too complicated where you can’t see the K & W then what’s the point of the logo?