just updated my folio> looking for feedback

I just updated my portfolio, and am looking for feedback.
I graduated from UC in June and will be using this to get a full-time job.
You can check it out on coroflot: http://www.coroflot.com/carlyh

or flip through it with slideshare: http://slidesha.re/aIWYRg
(embedding wasn’t working…)

Thanks in advance!

Hey Carly,

I the two experience slides were a great idea.

Side note, personally I hate when there are multiple folders with only 2-3 images in each… just a pain. Would love to see more process in the Fisher Price folder, fill it up with sketches, models, etc… the final design on the task light feels a bit lacking compared to your other work. Would be great to see more form and detail exploration on the Compaq project. I’m interested in the idea, but I want to see how you got to the final resolution. I like the final on the mini-mixer, but again, feels like a big jump from the rough sketches to the final… also, that rectangular switch at the bottom seems super our of place. The final shot of that and the beer packaging are some of your most impactful imagery though, more of that! Also, really like the graphic intro pages.

Overall I’d say you are on the right track. Looks like you;ve had a good set of co-ops. The ELEVEN team is great to learn from.

Thanks for taking a look! I’ll keep working :slight_smile: