Just taking a poll - does your company have or still use dra

Just taking a poll - does your company have or still use drafting tables?

I use a drafting table every day - to sit crap on so that it doesn’t get in my way being on the floor. :slight_smile:

What’s a drafting table?

I haven’t had one in the last 6 years. My computer kept sliding off the damn thing…

i have one. still use it.

I am hooked to my sketch book but no, I don’t need a table, I just sketch now. thank you Solidworks!

If you are refering to the angled drafting table, YES! It is my starting point for everything. I use an A1 paper size and use it for sticking post-it notes to sketching at a very large scale to drafting.

They stopped selling those things along with the 8 track and Hypercolor shirts.

I still have one at home but mostly for nostalgia, it does come in handy for stuff every once in a while.

Yes, I still sit a a big ass drafting table + desk combo. I have had it ever since I started the company (actually before starting the company). I do not really use it any more but I just cant bring myself to get rid of the thing which I should do because my office is so small and the drafting table is so massive. The one thing that it is good for is when clients come by and see a drafting table it gives them confidence that I am a “real” designer?

Yes we still have 4 big tables in our studio and I use it occassionally when doing sketches. I still like to spread out my drawings. I am inthe market for a tablet PC so maybe by then these tables won’t be used…but I have one as a photo set up as it moves up and down.

just pulled a table out of storage not to long ago, I use it to do alot of my sketch thoughts on, much nicer for me to be standing when I do, give you a differnet perspective. Now keep in mind for thouse of you saying that it’s old school, I also have a wacom cintque 18inc sketch monitor. But I still find at time paper and pen allow for more freedom of though.

I work in furniture and there is no substitute for full scale. I use a drafting table and my computer/plotter in conjunction. Going back and forth between the two seems to work well but I’d really like a Vr interface or a 36X48 display.