Just some advice!

Hey hows it going guys! Well im new to this forum and find all this info around the site very interesting. I would like to start in the shoe design industry. I know its not that easy at all but Im willing to work hard to get it. I have some sketches but nothing on computer, how do you guys design all this on here, what program do you guys use? Also Im more into soccer and casual designing if you guys have any advice for me please feel free. Im just a newbie!!!

welcome to the core footwear forum.

posting here is a good start! post up some of your sketches to begin with so we can see where you are at and offer some help.

likewise, you’ll get a better response if you have more specific questions, rather than just “please offer some advice”.

to answer you question about sotfware, most shoe designers at the very least use illustrator and Photoshop, with some also using sketchbook pro. i still believe though, that you cant beat a good ol’ pen/pencil and that any computer should be just a tool. dont even think of using any software until you got the old school P.A.D. (as opposed to CAD - Pencil Aided Design) skills down.


rkuchinsky I like that term P.A.D. Did you come up with that acorynm yourself? I got to use that. :laughing:

nope, sorry, cant take the credit. dunno where its from, but feel free to use it!

old school all the way! long live pencils!


Welcome to Core! I agree whole-heartedly with Rich. Don’t worry about the computer for now. Get used to sketching with a free mind and studying the proportions and patterns of different types of footwear. Use pencils, pens and markers for a while. All you need is a simple scanner to get them on your computer so you can share with the board. That or take a pic with a digital camera…but try to get a scanner. Look forward to seeing your work!


I’d be interested in some good tutorials on photoshop and illustrator for ID. Anyone know of good ones online? I’ve been modeling stuff in 3D and then rendering ortho views but it seems everyone I work with does it manually in PS and AI

VD23: Any chance of seeing a shoe rendering tutorial from you?

thx for the reply I really appreciate it. Will try to get something up so that you guys can give me some criticism. Thanks

There’s lot’s of stuff online. Do a search here here on core. RK has one as an announcement in the footwear forum (Footwear Photoshop rendering tutorial). There’s lots of stuff around if you dig a bit.

check out the sketching section: there are several at the top of the page.