Just sharing my online portfolio/software development site

Hey everyone, this is my first time posting on coroflot/core77, I’ve been a working designer for the past 2 years and have recently completed my site and would like to get some opinions on the layout and such. It’s main purpose is as an online portfolio, but it also has a software dev. section that houses some computer games that I have developed on it. Let me know what you think. Regards.


I think it’s great. Very clean, brief, to the point, great renderings!

My two suggestions are really small.

  1. Please tell me you plan on making the little circles w/ pics in them into thumbnails. I think most, as I did get the impression and desire to click on them and see that stuff (even though I know you show it later).

  2. You ought to add a link to a pdf and/or word version of your resume, I saw it on someone elses and thought it was a KA idea so I added it to mine. If need be, someone can print one out and pass it on to a prospetive employment possibility.

Very talented, overall

Thanks you for the suggestions.