just say no...

I saw this interesting article from the Guardian about saying no at work:

Forget sorry, for most of us “no” is the hardest word when we’re in the office. But why do workers find it so difficult to issue a polite refusal or beg to differ, especially when we’re saying no to someone senior to us?

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i didn’t find the article too enlightening, but for sure when and how to say “no” in a corporate environment is important. Better than “no” i think is to say “yes, but”…that is I can do it, but “it will take X amount of hours”, cost Y", or “perhaps another solution to consider is Z”…

As the article mentions, also laying out your concerns or issues if X is taken is key if anything just to cover your own a$$. Have that in email/writing (doesn’t need to be too formal, just on the record).

of course this supposes we are not talking about something illegal where of course a straight “no”, and followup “why” is in order (also well documented).