Just Renderings

Ok first, these were supposed to be part of a “super-post” of renderings, construction details, and advertisment/marketing schemes, I was going to post, but I just wanted to get this
much out now b/c school’s crazy right now. I may post the other half when I finish it but now schools kinda hectic. Most here (matter fact) all here are just non-finished things that
hopefully show some kind of potential. Uh let me know whatsup.

Air Zoom 360–This is something I didnt finish. I’ll sum it up now and explain l8r. Just the first zm 360 shoe. I thought a lot about this shoe in terms of construction, mainly
stablility w/ no foam. Ill explain tom. hopefully. It was a lot of work going into this shoe.

bull city–Basically a running shoe w/ a tpu forefoot cover for support (red). There’s a total of 4 holes for laces…2 at the f/f and 2 at the ankle.

ipod–This was for the kg contest. heres more details from a previous post:I wanted to have straight clean lines like the ipod and have rounded accent lines. Also, the 1st thing that came to mind was pods…I went w/ individual phylite midsole pieces (the heel is fabric-wrapped) with brs stripes and a pebax foot plate which is vizi on the lateral foot bridge. The upper is clean enough and the lines complement each other (I think). The center quarter panel is synthetic leather and the black is a mesh. The laces are covered partially by a zip the comes 3/4’s up. That was taken from the ipods earbuds. The eyelets are customized, each has two options. They can be moved laterally and that cue was taken from the ipods hold button; which is how the eyelets work. Uh, the shoe doesnt have a traditional heel counter. Instead to keep it simple and clean (i.e. ipod) the heel counter is actually two pieces…lateral and medial. The lateral is under the leather which is located by the heel, where it “undents.” There is a translucent toe cover and that was “inspired” by the protective casing that covers the ipod when you 1st purchase it. Thats pretty much it.

random-just some random things I never did finish and have no names for.

Spike 1–Just a spike w/ weight being the main driving point. Uh, cobec upper, mesh bootie, thats about it.

100+ views, no feedback…man thats horrible

some comments:


the air-zoom logos- I think this is great that you are exploring identity/ logo marks. this later on could comeback an inspire the design of your shoes.

that said I would push them more in a sleek/ modern/ simple forms/ paul rand type of mark. If you look at many of nike’s logos they are all very simple and I think you can bring some of that to yours. Also maybe getting inspiration for the mark based on what the words mean/ or the function they will be serving…

that is great you have all these notes and different views of the shoe. I am unable to read what is written. it would be nice if you type this out/ or typed out main points so that I can better follow along in the details of your thought process.

your profile views seem close to proportions/ I would work on the bottom/ outsole views/ seems like the forefoot is becoming too large.

what is the red? is this a material(s)/ is the upper red the same material as the midsole red?

your proportions are well-look like nice thumbnails. again the outsole view would work with. In my opinion, I wouldn’t cross out a sketch. I mean you spent time on thinking of it an sketching it, maybe it could be of some use later on. like the sketch you crossed out in the lower right/ i think is the sketch with the most potential. I think the forms are nice and organic and am guessing those circles are holes- be good for breathability. and its simple and I think reads as a nike shoe. the others seem a bit busy and in running and light weight might be best to choose a design with less parts.

would work on the 3 quarter view.I think in these batch of sketches again you have some good patterns. how are they tied into your inspirations? how are they designed for the maximum performance for a runner? I think the pattern in the lower right-top of the series of 3-with the side quarter all 1 piece is interesting and could see this taken to the next level.

I am not getting as excited about this design as what i saw before. I think there are too many elements being used and the pattern pieces could have more harmony/ flow. I think the “presto” like strap is not working with the design. I would go back and look at your designs, your inspirations, your tech. and how can this all be applied. your outsole proportions here look as though they are coming along.


great explorations

great explorations- I like how you are also designing/ drawing eyelets/ etc.

the pattern is simple- can see it working. maybe would now just look at the logo placement. and looking at how the “tail” of the nike check brings your eye to the heel. how can you play off of the tail of the nike logo. maybe its a stitch around the ankle -so that it can be padded?

why just 7 perfs? couldn’t that whole pattern piece be filled with smaller perfs-maybe allowing for more air to flow in and out? just an idea- but thinking about placement of the perfs I think could be looked at.

I am not sure that the purple dashes are helping- I at a glance read it as adidas…but I kno it is not. I noticed a detail in the tongue? what is the circle- with the yellow wraps?


what are your thoughts with these- even though they are random- can we get an explanation/ some inspirations you had etc? proportions seem a lil off.

see above

for the pattern in the upper it seems a lil geometric for a smooth midsole. there could be more consistent flow between the two, seems a couple mm’s too long also- but overal great with the proportions. any other views?

see above (img12)

hope this helps-

I think for the future- coming to us with questions or displaying your work 1 project at a time will spark more conversation. I mean when you first read/ look at the post it is a bit overwhelming. and you feel like- ok where do I begin. so I think showing us 1 project at a time and then maybe asking us more questions would be helpful. also while going through the work was looking for explanations. I would be interested in knowing what inspired you through out/ what research you had done etc.

I wouldn’t be bummed about 100 posts and nada- sometimes things just get overlooked- but maybe this post will spark something.


how is school treating you? still no scanner??? i have always liked what you do with your thumbnails, it would be nice to see some of that energy in you more “polished” renders, which seem labored but careful enough…(does that make sense?)

keep up the good work matt!

Hi Matt!!!

It’s a lot of work…really a lot!!!

I like very much your thiking process and the thumbnails you produced.
Your work path apperars quite clearly but the thing that hits me is that some of your sketches are better than the final version.

I mean, in the first running shoe the final shoe is less inovative than a couple of thumbnails you made before. It seems like youi have to better pick the strongest themes among those are presented in the conceptual phase.
Final design seems more conservative than it has to be given your previous hard work.

At last, from a functional point I think your stuff is well thought as always.

My only advice so, is to keep the same inovative approach even in the final stages and don’t try to make it conventional after all the work you have done to make it original and future oriented.

MC [pietro]