Just picked up a Cintiq

Now since I’ve been out of school for about 11 years now, I guess I could be considered a bit “old school” in regards to my skill-set. I still sketch with pencil and pen but I really want to figure out this tablet sketching and all it has to offer. Using 2011 SketchBook Pro and have just started doodling.

Here is the thing…this program along with an entirely new input device is like having to learn Solidworks all over again! There is soooo much to learn. Heck, even the tutorials blow my mind!

That’s all. Just wanted to share!

congrats for making the plunge. I bought one for a project about 2 years ago, thinking if I changed my mind I could always unload it on Ebay and only loose a couple bucks. It’s still getting a lot of use today

I just downloaded Sketchbook designer, it’s another program that’s worth a look…

Good investment for sure! Which one do u have?
I think its better to just doodle around for a few weeks, just to get a better feel (and sketchbook is quit easy to use without any knowledge I think?). Then do some tutorials to get some more in depth knowledge.

Oh try out the other nibs with the pen also, might make a big difference!

Picked up the 12WX because I tend to draw very small. It works fine for me and it’s actually rather nice having a secondary monitor too.

I’m learning more and more about Sketchbook Pro. The biggest thing I’ve figured out is that I have to think differently than I do in Photoshop. In SBP, you draw just like you would using stencils, paint, marker, etc. With Photoshop, you have “burn” and other tools. Again, it’s just like CAD programs…different tools for different purposes.

I have a Cintiq 21in, the old style. I like having all the screenspace to work, though the 12 is pretty sweet too