Just nice design

Sanjy: Great find.

From what I understand, Panasonic just licensed the Leica name for their products. Everything is designed and built according to Panasonic. I have no clue how the Leica is made though. Clearly, it shares a lot of tooling with the Panasonic, but perhaps the lens is different. That’s the important part anyway.

From a design perspective, it’s interesting that someone had such a huge reaction to these two. My reaction was the same, until I looked at the product. The Leica page just shows the product and some exciting photography. That makes me want one. The Panasonic page seems to be selling a spec sheet. I just hate those thousand little boxes telling me absolutely nothing.

After that though, I realized wow…these cameras are identical except for a little silver bling on the Panasonic. I’d buy it…than again, I have another Panasonic already.

The comments on the Boing Boing article are great- they really show the gamut of emotional reactions people have to ‘design’ and the meanings that get pushed onto objects. I like how an ‘ugly’ object becomes likeable when it works well.

Leica fans ‘know’ that it is a ‘better’ design and this probably affects how they use it in a positive way. Interestingly the Panasonic gets points for being better to hold. It would be great to remove price out of the equation and see what peoples reactions are then.