Just Graduated and want some positive feedback

I just returned from Europe and have been working on my portfolio. I have much more that I will include once I get my website up and running. I would like to get some feedback so i can begin to refine my work. Thanx in advance. Here is the link

no comments at all.

i think your best page is the one with the ideation sketches of the controler. The forms and details are so much more resolved than the ones in the final model.

For your portfolio:

I think you should work on your layouts, making them more engaging and dynamic, surf through the folios and benchmark some of the ones that jump out at you.

Also, try and try to tell a story in each frame, whether that story is to show a skill, or to explain a project can varry.

Hope this helps a bit.

The fan shroud model is great- I’m surprised that you made it entirely in rhino. Some of the text is very hard to read though, particularly on the first game controler page, and the dog leash handle reminds me of a handgun. Other than that you seem to have a good combination of sketches, prototypes, and CAD models, and your layout is clean and effective.

I appreciate both of your comments. I agree Yo that I need some work on my layout to make it a bit more “dynamic” I think thats where I am struggling at this point the most. Jroth I will work on bumping up the text I notice now what you are saying. I appreciate your comments greatly and will begin to rework these pages. Any other comments please bringem’ on.