Just got offered PD Lecturer position in Asia. Anyone else?

Hey all,

I just received an offer for a Product Design Lecturer position in Asia via email a short bit ago.

I am contemplating the offer very seriously, and I was curious if anyone else also just received this offer? (aka, “is this fake?” mass email, etc.)

If you have received the same email, or know of the position, please don’t respond with the name of the college, as to blow up the spot. But very curious if you also received the email.

Just curious - take care.

Yep, I got the same message through Coroflot. Probably a bulk email so I wouldn’t reply if I were you.

same here. sounded interesting…but given the mass email quality I’d be careful.

I got it too, one more for the list.

Da’yumm … where’s mine??? :cry:

I received it too. Sounds a little fishy.

I’m getting sick of the flood of “we are experience professional model maker. Highest quality fast return time” solicitation emails from China.

I would be pretty cautious of getting stuck over there in a bad situation.

Has anyone pitched his/her services in China? What was the response rate of manufacturers or businesses? Is pitching an idea by yourself a better option?

I get very suspicious of many contacts through Core - I get the impression that some people think it is a free design resource.

Having compared notes with other designers and also noted that everytime anyone makes contact with me via this site, soon as I mention a deposit payment, I never hear from them again.