Just got fired from my internship

Ok…,what could be better than get fired from an internship at a start up
company that located in Manhattan Storage Room building that is about 200 sq feet, and no designers, no influences, no windows, no pays, no lunch money, no transportation fee, but under the name of given opportunity that I had to work 8-10 hours per day for three days a week while I need to go graduate school for full time??

I can consider that I happend to step on some shi* while I was walking on my way, but I need some justificaton.

A company who contacted me is a start up company who got some exposures through core77 or design magazines couple yrs ago, and I was
glad that I recognize some of the designs(mostly designed by invited designers). The owner was also the same ethnic background as myself, and who was very serious and ivy-educated man-that I tought I am a lucky guy that I met a such person (alas, why did I forget that level of education and the one’s character isn’t parallel). He mentioned that the internship will be 6 months (excuse me??)and I will learn so much that I can’t learn in school. This was true.–I learned few important things in few days-which are: business and production of the ideation, and how a man can run a business without hiring any in-house designers but only interns who get no $$bling blings.
I feel so terrible yet mixture of negative and positive feelings now. Also angry toward the reality of ID comapany who are using students as free labors and totally treat as zip-block bags.
I do have few years of professional working backgrounds, but I have never seen a person who treats others in such cold-hearted manner.

Ok the reason that I got FIRED!! : in last three days, I worked around 25 hours. Last Saturday, I was in the office alone, trying to figure out how can I put these graphic design stuff that seem like they have been delayed for while . The works were too much for me and the given time. Finished 3 projects in 3 days. One project couldn’t be done, because of FONT issue and also the compatibility of my software and his.
OK, what kind of internship do I have to bring work and finish at HOME? excuse me? Where are freelancers? and Real In-house designers? You need to hire them to do the job, not the interns…

As I get in the office, I saw him sitting in font of his desk, looked as if he just got divorced. I appolized and told the stories that I was late for 2 hours-simply because I was sick and I had to see a doctor!
And another kid who studied film in NYU <what is he doing here anyway? get pay like what 5-6 bux an hour?> was using paper shredder and small boxes to packing the products. Is this a job that requires Higher education?? Come on…
So anyway, I turned the computer to work, checked my email, and it showed " there are no such email account in this name"

what kind of immature thing is that…
I was wondering what will be the next and was thinking about the drama that will follow. I was right. A typical scene. He asked NYU guy to go to lunch break & after told me to get out.

Zip-block bag in I LOVE NY snow dorm…with some dramatic sound track.


Ok, it was plastic bag. I thought I liked the design, and now I see that bag as myself. Thrown on NYC street after being used.

what’s the company name?

I’m not here to bitching and kill the company because the owner fired me.
I was here to make myself feel not alone, and I do belong in the
bigger community than one small company.
The moment I was stepping out of the office, I glanced at the snow dorm and I felt so ironic.

Well I feel really bad for you. For me, I went through “common” procedures like send in my portfolio samples, got a call and then a hour long phone interview. So I got to know the company and the designers and what they expect of me before they offered me the job, together with a detailed list of information I should know like working hours and pay.

Not that you shouldn’t work without pay, but I think it says something about the company or the person who runs it. Even a minimum wage of $5 an hour is a form of appreciation. Like you said, internship experience is priceless.

Don’t worry about it, it’s not your fault. He probably wants to have quick “turn-overs” so that problems won’t accumulate before he really wants to fire you.

BTW, you didn’t get fired, cus technically, you are doing him a favour. Just think it in the way that YOU FIRED HIM! :sunglasses:

Thanks Cow for your intuitional advice.
However emotional level of commitment was somewhat dropped like a leaf
with such incident.
When a busy scheduled student is looking for a such opportunity, it isn’t easy commitment to push one’s self harder to gain more insights.
Yes it seem like this was somewhat good experience to be cautious
and more serious in the future.

Be careful if yu decide to intern for free. On my school site there was an internship for 30-40 hours a week… unpaid. Now that’s BS

I am currently interning for free. The deal is the woman I intern for graduated from my school 2 years ago. Basically I know her. She want to pay me but can’t. This place is actually a theater company so I can go to see any show I want during the week and get tickets for some friends too. At least that’s something.

I only work 2 days a week for 7 hours. Sometimes I do go in an extra day to help out. Also, anytime I need off to interview there isn’t a problem. I am not treated as a slave. My ‘boss’ is just so happy to have me come in and help. She thanks me all the time.

Its all okay with small office, no payments and overtime works, really.
I think I am serious enough to handle it with right treatment and I also had
handle such things in my previous experiences before.
I also know how to handle such characteristics, that’s why I did not argue in front of him. Because it is all useless against a person who only sees what he wants to see.
Here is power that he has and the authority that he plays to those who needs something-the things to become a designer, the need to survive in the community, the experience to feed oneself to become insightful in the
What made me uncomfortable was his attitude toward the person in the position like me.

“Dude, you are not wasting my time, you are wasting your time here.”
“Dude, why are you sitting here now? Just go!”
“You can mail me the papers that I asked you to read ”

How he treated me as a low-level creature who can’t fight back to him, or
treated a person as if a piece of plastic bag after being used is just humiliating and unprofessional.

Yes, I couldn’t finish the packaging design he asked me to do. And there was reasons that he must understand.

“I don’t want to hear your excuses, who cares if you are sick? This is a company. If I ask you to finish the project, you must do it on time, be here on time, and if you can’t do it, you are not ready to work here.”

All is true, but the time and the manner to speak such criticism was wrong…
since I did finish about $500-800 worth of short projects in freelance fee, and it was total volunteer.
What he missed was that design business philosophy that he believes is now in distortion. ‘Help the underdefined designers and as one grows, the companies nourish on its chain link.’ Somewhat cliche and double sided.
I also feel sorry to some designers for the company because I feel like they are just another plasitc bags in better labels-

DUDE! First of all, you should not intern for free…
Because a paid internship (at least those I have worked for) will get you sign an agreement with them, so at least you will know what rules you break to get fire.
Things will get you fired on internship that had actually happen to my friends:

1:Smoke too much weed during internship period and get caught.

2: watch pron during work on company computer.

3: take company confidencial material to show the public. ( well, the company found out after , so he didn’t get fired right away, but he was on the black list)

4: Sleep during meetings. ( he didn’t get fire but didn’t get hire)

5: not coming to work on time. ( that don’t usually get you fired but it happened to my friend and the HR wrote an e-mail to everyone to remind people come to work on time!!!)

see, if 3,4,and 5 don’t even get fired, why should you??? sorry, I don’t think this is going to make you feel much better, but still put that in your resume anyway, hey! until someone call your boss, they don’t know that you got fired! :open_mouth: And it wasn’t fired unless it was a paid job in my consideration!

Good luck man!

I’m the 3rd intern where I work. The first one was fired… and the art director knew them from school. She was canned because she wouldn’t follow direction. Got pist off everytime the art director wanted to change something. This intern insisted on doing it her way.

2nd intern wasn’t fired. He found a full time gig.

You are right, I was not fired technically.
But I was chosen to be the intern and put off by the same person-the owner of the company. BTW, this is a company by only ONE GUY.
By hearing only its name & designers in its catalogue, and I also found this place through the school offer that it seem very proper and work-friendly environment.
GEEZ…The worst treatment in my entire life, really.
Alone in the office during Saturday, worst than the cubicles. This has no
place to walk around, no windows or air to refresh your head.-JAIL, period.
Thank God I am out of it now.
I was never fired by any places before, and I work very very hard, seriously.
I also had many yrs of graphic experiences and told my ex-boss (graphic designer) that its time for me to focus in ID and look for ID internship…
Now I miss her and everyone at my previous work.
Its time for me to move on and look for the better place with you guys’ suggestions. Thanks.

There are so many places out there that will give you a paid intership. If the company isnt willing to pay you then they are not going to respect you or your work. Even if they are a super-reputable firm you deserve money for the work you do or else they should not rely on you for consultant level work.

nice to see even the holier than thou guys can get fired to.
Guess it doesnt mean shit what school you go to.
i’m here to read any responses that may come from the above comments… :smiling_imp:

Don’t worry-

Everyone get’s fired at least once.

Wow, its surprising to see my old post again.
Thanks for “guest” for make it alive again…darng… :blush:

It was certainly a good experience when I look back now.
I learned that there are many design offices in NYC who are not really designing anything yet trying to take adventage of students as free labors.
The place still don’t have its website because the guy who owns it want someone to make the company website for FREE…
I have also heard that the guy is sued by one of intern there.
I feel bad for him that he is Columbia U. graduated and he is still living like that.
I found another internship after that, which I just finished last week. It was so much better, and I had learned lots of things-about design, not dealing with some lunatic.
The next internship opportunities are also coming, and once more I will do my best when there is a chance.

Good luck to other ID students and have great summer break!

let me just say this!! This is a subject that i feel really strongly about. I could never do an internship. I had to be working full time to put myself through undergrad. Now i am here to start at Pratt in the fall for grad. The internships here in NY seem mostly bullshit. I think we need to stand up for ourselves. Seriously, my boyfriend has done 3 trying to find some insight. All he has found is lazy FAILED artists and designers who hire kids fresh out of college who know the current programs and then have them do the work for them. They can’t do the work themselves! They don’t know how. The only kind of internship i would be willing to take is one learning hands on production stuff. I just do not feel like i can trust the older designers sometimes. Just look at NY’s Craigslist any day of the week! Users!

I mentioned that i could never take on an internship because it really has made me possessive of my time. After waiting tables for 7 years so that i can spend all of my hard earned money on killer materials to do my own thing, i’m not so willing to give it away for free. I don’t mean to sound bitter, i just feel like this gave me more confidence in my own work. That said i am at the disadvantage of not picking up any ID business skills along the way. Who knows how i will fare after being holed up in my own studio my whole life?