Just Got a new job....

hey guys and gals, so i just received an offer for a job I interviewed for at a huge medical company, actually there were quite a few interview rounds. well I got a great email after that that asked me for what type of equipment I would like to have out of the gate so it got me thinking… so far my list is:

cintiq 21ux
i7 quad core tower
adobe creative suite 5
solidworks 2012
microsoft office
autodesk sketchbook pro

BTW I wasnt given any cost restrictions or parameters…

so what would you guys want if you had the same opportunity? what kind of cool toys? this isnt necessarily for ading to my list, just starting a conversation and wish list of sorts for you all out there.

A 12-gauge auto-loader
A .45 long slide, with laser sighting.
A phased plasma rifle in the 40-watt range

Perhaps some cad rendering? I just got bunkspeed move - everything shot could do plus animatio. Make sure your i7 tower comes with quadro6000 gfx.
Badass chair
Adjustable height table

Do they have an ID dept already? If not, you will need to think about some mundane stuff like sketchpads as well.
What quick prototyping capabilities? You will at least need some rasps, clamps, saw etc… and a space to do your dirty work.

I’d ask for:

Submersion into the Quality System - the FDA rules your roost
Quarterly ride-alongs with sales
Constant feedback from the field (we require all sales and customer service write down what they hear from the customer once a week)
Attending 2-3 relevant tradeshows annually
Continuing education

Your toys will be obsolete in 18 months. Knowledge is forever.
Paying for toys is an accounting liability. Paying for knowledge is security.

The choice is yours.

I have the quadro4000, it works real well. I bet a 6000 is just amazing.

+1 to iab’s post. A desk that you can sit or stand at is nice.

A window to the outside.