Just finished a new design of web camera !

Hi Guys, I just update my portfolio with a new design of web camera…give me a feedback if you have any idea on your mind.


I will really appreciate your help!

Great work…
I like it!!!
Nothink else to say… except that I want the same camera ^^

A few biased opinions below:

The body is highly organic, while the head is very geometric in both overall form, and all of the detailing. This might work if the head was another color and finish so it looked more intentional, but right now the two area don’t work together to my eye. Personally I thing if the details (ring around lens, side button thing) where more fluid the whole think would hang together. I also think there could be a “turtle neck” that responded to the form of the sphere, instead of the intersection looking like a resultant of two forms randomly meeting.

Have you seen the SUG characters?

i got him in this colorway.
But all of them are pretty nice. The forms, finishes, and details are great on him.


I like the clock function :wink:

I’m not shure about the semantics of the doll, it looks too “toyish”, maybe for kids could do fine, but personally I don’t see it for people between 18 and 28.

I agree with Michael, the body is too organic and it doesn´t fit too well with the head.

Market research looks very weak to me. I would better don´t show it.

I like the rest of your work.

Best regards!