Just a thought about design communication/discuss group

I am Taiwanese who working for a camera manufactor in Taiwan now,
I used to work for Pentagram,San Francisco as a exchange Designer, it helps me a lot for my career and opens my vision to the world.

Since the manufacturing is moving to China and that was what Taiwan used to do in the past years, so the Design in Taiwan is growing up. What we have is the knowledge and the smooth communication with china, what we don’t have is the way to communicate to the real market, the states, euro and etc.

I am wondering if there has anydesigner here interested to join a group which has you and designer or engineer form Taiwan to discuss some project or help you to solve the manufactur problem and ect.

My prupose is to have a platform for designer from Taiwan and state to communicate. Just a Thought, still has no exact idea about how it should be.

Well, Anyone interesting here?

hope my bad english didn’t confused you : P