just a fact! nothing else

aha…why the entertaiment thread is locked ? I need it to make fun. And you seem same.Someone’s defence just shows his weakness and ignorance on something.
but locking it is the best way to defend yourselves. Just like a thief steal something back home and then lock the door to prevent others to enter. It is a real good way.(Sorry I used a bad word but it is not my word. I got the information first in yankodesign and you can find some one using “stolen” in the comment, though you all don’t think so :
http://www.yankodesign.com/2008/06/12/lights-camera-glassaction/ )
Basically , I don’t want to blame anybody. I even hope the author can produce his product ASAP, which is clearly claimed in my blog. It is a good thing that someone can make it since I can not find investor.(I said stupid investors only means the ones I met before ,not the ones I will meet in the future. )
But the fact is that ,nobody can change it, the author is not the original and even win an award , however , the original was not awarded by the same competition, which is very strange. Of course I don’t mean it unfair for me. In fact, I wanted to quit IF at that time after submitting the work .It is not the important thing. I don’t care it and other competitions. However,how do you think if your works are copied by others and win an award despite it nice or bad?
But the fact may hurt you somebodies . How can you copy others! especially copy China! In your mind, it is China that copy you! Right ? It is unbelievable! For sure it is not a good thing. But it is the fact. Nobody can change it .It is nothing about patent and prototype!
I just want to declare a fact.Nothing else. So you all need not worry about it and need not scare me. And need not attack me.

The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

Except other thieves…

We know, you want to blame everybody.

That would relieve you from wasting time on your own prototype

That would depend on your outlook in the future as well.

They wouldn’t copy my work because I wouldn’t post it publicly prior to entering a competition or applying for a patent.

You postulate that this is about the West copying China, yet you didn’t take the necessary steps to safeguard your ideas and concept, it is your fault alone. So you tell me, what is worse, to openly share a concept with the world before securing IP rights and lose a meaningless competition, or to take all of the legal measures and PAY for patents and prototypes and only to have another person/company/country reverse engineer it and produce it at a lower cost robbing you of the revenue that you as the IP holder desrve?

Dude, we were trying to help you with understanding, not facts, so that you can become a better designer, do that, and the awards and money will come.

Is there a fact in the original post or is it just an opinion?

Let people copy. The rewards go to those who innovate anyways.

“copy” pretty funny when you look at most of all ID is just re tweeking forms that sometimes encase new functions. All design work, all engineering work is all about using “stuff” that exists to come up with a “new” device. The reality, we all borrow and cross pollinate, the only real NEW stuff comes out of the r and d labs, generally with a zillion utility patents to protect them. Ink and now electrons are cheap, the only award worth winning is in the market place, if the OP is pissed somebody “stole his idea” well kid, ideas are like assholes, everybody has one and most stink. If you say " IT WAS A DESIGN" bfd, they are only slightly less common than ideas, everybody designs every day, its the definition of being human. If you built a prototype, ok that a lot more work and you will have thought more and learned more so it would sting a bit more but in the end so what. The road from concept to profitable product is LONG, and HARD, and winning (or not winning) a design challenge is step 5 of 6,991 (approx) that it takes to make a difference. Products are real, designs, well they just dreams generally gone with the light of dawn.

Oh boy…

For more on real facts.

didn’t expect a sequel so soon.

Is this columbo? “Just the facts…ma’am”

I assert there are no facts. The op has a time machine and stole the winning design. Prove me otherwise.


James you make absolutely no sense. You are entertaining though.


just want to declare a fact.Nothing else. So you all need not worry about it and need not scare me. And need not attack me.

Mr. King, you have declared your “fact”. We have acknowledged and taken note of it. No one is either trying to scare you. No one is attacking you.

Everyone here is a professional designer and completely understands your point of view. The subject is well known in the industry. You have made your point and it time to end this particular conversation; it is bordering on a rant, and I think most of the community is tiring of it.

CORE’s members come from all points of the globe and we welcome your continued comments and participation.

I will leave this topic open for rebuttal until 24:00 PST, 18 January, 2013
If you open another topic simply to continue this subject, I will immediately ban your IP.

I like a good rant, reminds me of when I was married (and why my divorce was such a sweet sweet thing) so keep it open for a couple more days.