Junk email through corefolios

Hi, I just recieved this email thorugh my online portolio at coroflot:

My Dear Friend,

Compliments of the season. I did like to send to you the best
wishes of good health and success in your pursuits particularly through
my proposal as contained in this letter. i may not wish to disclose this transaction electronically . After due deliberation with my son,I decided to forward to you this business proposal, we want you to assist
us .I will give you more information. As to this regard as soon as you
reply. You can replay to sonbadango01@yahoo.com

I am Mrs.Sonal Badango . I am contacting you with the hope that you will be of great assistance to me call me with +221 586 53 11 please if I am not there during your call my son David will be there to answer you, as I am always to the hospital for my illness treatment

Your URGENT response is
Regards and God Bless you.

Is there any way to stop this happening?

We try as hard as we can to stop spammers. In cases like this there are usually many messages sent from the same person in a short period of time. We monitor this activity, and then ban the person from sending emails when we notice it.

The trouble is that this type of message is sent by a person, who created an account and manually typed in the message and the confirmation letters. Short of eliminating the contact form, we have no way of stopping this.

Another approach would be to create a private messaging system at Coroflot, and contact would run through the site rather than your email. That won’t stop this type of spam from happening, but it would kepp it out of your inbox.

Your feedback is welcome.