junior year summer

Hi. I am an ID student, and I have just finished my junior year. I haven’t heard from any place that I applied for internship for this summer. If I can’t get an internship, what can I do by myself this summer so that I can learn as much as I can without the internship experience. I feel very regrettable not being able to get one, so I want to be very good next year and get a job for sure. I don’t feel confident about myself now. My portfolio is very weak. My sketching skill sucks. You can just tell me to improve my portfolio and practice sketching, but is there some more advice you can give me? What did you do? What would you do? I want to change over this summer.

if your skills suck, like you say they do. Why are you surprised you dont have an intership?
Start working on the portfolio Some people are slow learners, but dont give up.
You need to have a certain amount of skills aquired when you graduate.

If you can’t convince someone to let you work for free, ask a proffesor to advise you in re-doing your portfolio over the summer. Take criticism from each project and raise the bar.
Focus on trying to get an internship during the school year, when there is less competition, even if it delays graduation, this will go farther in getting you a job than anything else.

Take a studio course or viscom class during the summer.

I wouldn’t give up just yet, it’s still early and you might still land an internship. The way to get the most out of this posting might be to ask for suggestions on specific places you can look into. More details about your location and where you hope to find your internship might help.