Junior portfolio feedback

Hello everyone!
I recently finished revising my portfolio and am now hoping for some feedback and constructive criticism. I will be applying for spring jobs (hopefully abroad) so any and all comments are welcome! Thanks very much :slight_smile:

Hey Holly!

Here are my thoughts on your new portfolio:

Page numbers! I wish I had them so I could reference feedback specific to certain pages. I’m sure they’d be helpful during a phone interview as well.

Your format is super long. When I open it up in a window I can see more than one page at once, which might be distracting. Though I know you won’t be changing that, it’s just something to think about

on page 4: that graph is confusing. If the rings were evenly spaced it might read better. Is there a reason they aren’t evenly spaced?

pages 4 and 5: How you choose to emphasize words in your copy is different. Maybe be more consistent?

Page 17: title capitalization consistency?

On to bigger things – I think the story you tell in your axe project is the most effective, because it’s the most direct. You take an entire page to explain why a boy wouldn’t use a current facial exfoliator. That type of impact could be useful in explaining the problems in your other project. For example, in the Nike project you could show a current running headphones getting trampled, or soaked, or doing something else un-Nike worthy. or in the SPD project (just a thought) maybe have a page that is photoshopped to be completely nuts and overstimulate the person viewing. Then the next page could be “what if your entire life was like looking at that page?” something to that effect might help.

Your sketches, renders, and other skills are awesome, as usual. But I don’t think you needed me to tell you that haha. Overall I think it’s a pretty good portfolio, and you should be proud of it. Nice Job!!

Thanks so much for the feedback Dan! I really appreciate it :slight_smile: I’ll try implementing your suggestions right away.

Hey Holly,

Overall I really like your portfolio. The work is really great, the pacing feels nice, and you can tell that you’ve put a lot of work and thought into every page.

I actually like the super wide format, feels cinematic when in full screen mode. I’m not too bothered by more than one page at a time when scrolling. I would guess most people are going to be viewing this digitally, maybe a small fraction might print it out to review which could be an issue, but I don’t know if I’d reformat everything. Maybe someone who’s in a position of hiring interns can chime in.

Something about the ergonomics of the AXE facial scrubber feels a little off to me. The form seems to suggest more of a power grip use, but if it’s going to be used like a shaver it seems like you would need a more flexible grip style. Maybe add a image of someone actually holding the final model in use, because the way I imagine it feels a little awkward.

Also kind of nit picky but page 18 “De-tangle yourself” feels a little flat to me, especially compared to the other pages, if there a way you can juice it up, a more dynamic render in a more compelling view… right now I feel like all I’m taking away from it are the super bold silhouettes.

Overall I think it’s great! Looking forward to seeing more!

Great work Holly, what type of job are you looking for?

The only thing that seems out of place to me is the cord management part on your sport headphones looks very rushed compared with the elegant form of the ear pieces. I’d like to see that part a bit more sculpted. They remind me in a small (and positive) way of our Polk Ultra Fit headphones: http://www.polkaudio.com/products/series/ultrafit

Thank You Matt and Yo for your feedback! I really appreciate all of the help, and I’m very glad the super long layout reads well (I know I’m taking a risk by making it difficult to print out).
I agree with both points on the designs, that the Axe scrubber could feel more ergonomic/be better understood and the chord hub of the headphones could use refinement. I will be sure to work on each of these points on my next revision!

Yo, my last two internship experiences were both corporate, so I’m hoping for a consultancy to gain a better understand of that side of the design world. I’m very interested in branding, consumer electronics and furniture. My experiences in corporate also showed me that I’m really looking for an internship someplace that likes to take risks (haha if that is not too generic of an answer). I’m also going to be in Europe this fall so I’m hoping I can stay abroad for an internship during the spring semester.
I had not seen those headphones before, but they are beautiful! I’m glad someone else had the same idea of sculpting a pair of headphones for running, and I really think its an area that the Nike brand could benefit from. It seems that I had somewhat of the same form inspiration as you guys also, which is really cool.
haha I actually think I am going to purchase these. I’ve recently started running a ton and I’ve been looking for the right headphones to listen to my pump up music :slight_smile:

so yeah, thanks again for all the feedback guys!