Junior design salary in NYC/Boston

I’ve looked all over to get accurate and current information on not only how much a junior industrial designer should make (0-1 yrs experience) but also what they should be making in urban areas like NYC or Boston where cost of living is high. I know the average on Coroflot’s past salary survey was about $40,000 for a Junior but I’m sure that average must include areas where living costs are lower. Any thoughts/insights would be helpful.


In the midwest I think you’re looking at $40-45k to start.

It really depends–whether it’s corporate or a small consultancy firm. From what I’ve heard and was offered(at interviews), big-shot companies in NYC offer as little as mid-30K to start for the experience.

try salary.com

  • for example they list for an IDer with 0-1 yr. experience, a low of $42k, a middle of $55k.

Generally you want to make a minimum of 3x your rent…

do this and you will go broke very fast

True, not ideal, but feasible, that’s why its a minimum