JUNIOR DESIGN JOB - entry level role

Good afternoon! I’m going to cut straight to business! i’m after a junior designer to undertake production work. you need design work experience, a good understanding of design and a creative eye; the ability to question a brief and the potential to develop further. Knowledge of Photoshop and Flash is crucial. The ability to take direction and feedback is also very important. This position needs to be filled ASAP so reply as soon as poss to : ben.hammond@LBHR.com


also, could you please provide a link to your online portfolio!


thanks again!

post jobs here:

Ben Hammond is cheap and wants to post jobs for free.
I bet working for him is a great opportunity and I bet his firm is very professional.

he doesnt even own a firm, nor is he a designer.

he’s just a door to door recruiter monkey.


NO job postings or requests for employment though: that is what Coroflot.com is for!

It´s great to see how this matter was handled in a professional and respactable manner. Not to mention the unparalleled friendlyness of the replies.

It might be that not all of the business type “monkees” know exactly how to offer a job here, so the simple hint to post it in the appropriate section, please, would have been enough.

Might only be my opinion, though.

I can’t take you nor your pathetic docile submissive qualities seriously when you unprofessionally (since this forum HAS TO BE professional as you whined about) misspell simple words like respectable, friendliness, and monkeys.