jumpman team speed***

I was sketching while my girlfriend was doing homework for her finals. I picked up her TI83 and liked the sliding cover and thought it was interesting.I wanted to incorporate that sliding into a shoe. Below is what came of it. The shoe features a synthetic support cage/wrap. It is essentially like foamposite, but Jordan is against foamposite, so we won’t lable it as such. The toe bumper extends up the toe for protection, but has a mesh “window” for breathabilty and heat dissipation. The sliding lace cover hides the laces and provides a streamlined sillhouette, but it is also functional. It slides up and down the shoe by a set of tracks. The tracks are set wider as they move up the shoe toward the ankle, so as the lace cover is slid up, it tightens across the front of the foot, providing support. The shoe also has a composite shank plate and air in the heel and forefoot.

About the cover sliding down. What I was thinking is sort of a ratcheting system. There would be notches along the inside of the track. As you slid the cover up, it would lock into each one in succession. Then, to unlock it, you would just press on the red tabs on the top sides of the lace cover. of course, it’s very conceptual.

I did this on crappy paper, so the quality came out a little disappointing.


Nice sketches Justin, these say more Hurache than Jordan to me.

There is a lot of nice thinking and form work going on here, it would be cool to see one or two traditional elements on there. What it would look like with a tradtition basketball toe cap like the AF1 or Dunk? Something small like that goes a long way to make the shoe cross over and be a great performance shoe, and a highly wearable shoe.