jr design aka paul jr from american chopper

man that is some sad shit, been watching the show and its just sad.

This is pretty sad…
Aviary pauljrdesigns-com Picture 1.png

he worked on his logo for “weeks” and well its pretty damn sad. He is still hauling around his manager, publicist or whatever…better call up the fonz for a bit of duo shark jumping.

Fair Play to him, he’s got a website showcasing one-product.

and he’s selling t-shirts and hats using a rotating hot girl.

His “process” is pretty good-: “get them on the phone, tell them what we can do, no- really we can do that, yes that’s right we have no experience”.

And I can’t find one photo of the bbq without Paul Jr.

This shows just how ridiculous this guy is…this a real quote under process from his website!!

I wake in the morning and have an idea. I make myself a cup of coffee and sit down in the studio. With no distractions and being > half asleep> ], I start to sketch out the visions that fill my head.

So is that all you need to do to design a product? I would love to see some of these “sketches” he speaks of. I looked at his “case studies” and all I found was his Colman grill and a logo that he put on his truck. This is unreal and shows that with the way the media and popular culture is now any jabroni can make a buck pretending to be what ever they want. He does have a blog on his website. It would be great to see some of us challenge him on his tactics.

I kind of doubt he reads this forum, or knows this site even exists.

Paul Jr. calling himself a designer makes me laugh. He really has no concept of what design is, other than chrome/diamond plate add-ons to existing products. I was also wondering if you use the word innovation in every sentence does it make you a better designer? Maybe I’ll give it a try… Innovation :laughing:

don’t forget “awesome” and “unique” to every chrome nut and scalloped pipe added. :laughing:

What a D-Bag. Must be nice to be able to cash in on nothing more than media-fabricated celebrity. By reading the “bio” (or just about anything else on the site) you’d think he was the greatest thing since Raymond Lowey or Brooks Stevens. Either he really is that full of himself, or his whole business is completely in the hands of marketing puppeteers.

The sad part for Coleman is that the grill he designed may actually be a decent product, but because they hopped into bed with this tool, nobody I know will be buying one. Of course that being said, no doubt there are plenty of other people out there that will gladly lap up everything that he excretes.

I’m so lazy, I never did finish my personal logo…maybe I should remain silent. Naaah.

The grille looks like something that Coleman or someone had already been making, other than the diamond plate tables and the “Coleman” white lettering on the wheels (hot hot hot). From the website, I don’t see any evidence of design, just marketing.

I also love how he said his truck lettering took 8 hours over 2 days. Nice work Paulie. Show’s your dedication to your work, doesn’t it? A professional could have wrapped his truck in less than 8 hours.

Does this guy have his own spin off show or something ?

I recently had the chance of watching American Chopper over here in the UK and was sorely disappointed by their design process considering the attention this programme had. I realise they probably have a very short time in making these bikes for TV, but even then it didn’t seem as inspiring.


Make that “endure” instead of chance and we have agreement. LOL

For shame on personal logo, mine was easy…take coffee cup, put on paper, leave ring, draw in initials in one stroke, scan and publish. LOL Coleman no doubt was seeing if there was a sub market, pretty cheap test for them really.

Baaaahahahahahaha, red drop shadow on his truck logo, hahahahahahahaha

I’m no Karim Rashid or anything, but fuck, that’s just shit

And I love the ‘innovative’ rivetted on stock handle on the BBQ… bbbaaaaahahahahahaha

What wankstain of a marketing guy came up with the “I know let’s get one of you polishing it so it looks like you care” photographs ?!?!?

These fuckfaces have done more of a disservice to design than Michael Jackson did for plastic surgery.

edit I had my volume turned down, but I just realised when you roll over the buttons on his website they make a really snazzy futuristic beeping noise… how cute!

my favorite is the giant scrolling banner in the background - “INNOVATION”

its a barbeque and some vinyl on a truck - funny.

I agree that this is all funny, but is this any different from celebrity fashion design? Coleman didn’t hire paul jr designs because they wanted industrial design- they hired him as a celebrity to associate with their product. The gaudy stuff he added may seem ridiculous to us, but to his fans, his audience, they’ll eat this up.

He’s quoted on the site that he showed restraint, not putting the design on the grill, but in the grill. :unamused:

This could be dangerous, or beneficial for our profession: “Paul jr designs what? products? huh?”

All of his “process” shots feature him welding what appears to be a production model grill.
I also like his “clients” page. 4 spots for logos… all blank except for Coleman.

Coleman isn’t stupid… I’m sure they are selling plenty of these. sigh…

Coleman didn’t hire paul jr designs because they wanted industrial design- they hired him as a celebrity to associate with their product.

There, but for the grace of God, go I. . . … . guess I pissed Him off. :confused:

I doubt it, never seen one on a shelf, then again I don’t walmart.