Jordan XXI rendering

The shoe is inspired by a new Rollerblade lacing system called the Total Fit System, I thought it would be interesting to modify it for basketball purposes. And since JB is always trying to improve the fit and effectiveness of their lacing systems, I though this tech would fit Jordan brand perfectly. Basically it’s a one pull lacing system that is tightened on the medial side of the heel. I tried to keep the tech as simple as possible and make its visibility minimal to respect the Jordan dna. The shoe is also inspired by the great white shark, I thought the way the shark surges up and knocks its prey unconscious was very reminiscent of the way Jordan would “knock his opponents unconscious” by dunking on them. The shoe features IPS in the heel and zoom air in the forefoot. The slits in the midsole are Free inspired, I wanted to make the shoe have a smooth heel to toe transition. There’s a dual strap system that overlap each other for maximal ankle protection.