Jordan Wallaby for Sole Collector

Here’s the Jordan Wallaby design I did for Sole Collector, Issue 13 (August), complete with inspiration boards, prelim sketches and an additional colorway not shown in the magazine. I’d be glad to know your thoughts. Be sure to go out and pick up a copy if you’re not already a subscriber…

Thanks in advance for any comments on the design. – RH

Hey , Ryan ! Will your article be online or it’s gonna be only in the magazine ? I’m checking it everyday with no succes … The Life section is not refreshed since JT’s stuff was put online . VN

Great stuff Ryan. I like how you pulled all of the visual inspiration research together. The way you detailed the airbag in the heel is awesome. I’d like to see that level of unexpectedness in other spots in the design. Great work man.


Great stuff! I really like the way you took a performance shoe and “hid” it in an iconic casual shoe. I ahve a few minor points…1. you cant call it a wallaby, its a trade name of Clarks (I designed a wallaby style for sperry topsider and got a cease and desist letetr from clarks because we called it a wallaby in our catalog) I wouldnt put “wallaby” ont he shank, and i wouldnt change the established Jordan font on the tongue (I dont think you could, ask YO to confirm) I would like to se emore of the african theme in the outsole, the pods you have dont convey that unexpectedness ata ll…could be any other jordan brand os) Overall great work!


Yo & DrDoodle – Thanks. Points well taken from both of you. “Unexpectedness”… I had not consciously considered that, but I see what you mean.

Hmm. I didn’t realize Clarks protected that name like that. There are certainly a lot of other companies selling a shoe called Wallaby. Just for example, search Google Images for “Wallaby Shoe”, and look at all the brands represented.

Hard to argue with a cease and desist letter though. :neutral_face:

I was already a fan of this design after seeing it in small format, but now that I can appreciate all the details I can say it’s really nice…trying to find something to improve will take me some time…the only thing i can think about is the weight…using many layers it could be an issue, if the she will keep some performance oriented purpouse.

Congrats Ryan/Traveler 9

MC [pietro]