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Simple lifestyle shoe, just out:

nice. PS rendering? I dont see to many renderings from you, but thats pretty tight!

I like the simplicity of the shoe and what I assume is a diecut eva midsole. Im feeling kinda an old ACG retro vibe crossed with some of the g-series stuff.

good work, again!


PS, BTW the image is REALLY slow to load for some reason. might wanna check that out.

WHat does simple lifestyle mean?..I mean…you know what I mean…:slight_smile:

It’s a photo of a production sample actually… from … Its getting hard to tell these days. The bootom right (black) image is a quicky PS render, not that great, just a fasty

The midsole is actually injectd but looks like cut and buff. The logo is molded in then painted, the top half of the midsole can also be painted (notice the faint groove) to enhanced the stacked EVA look, but the clean skin gives it a smooth look (G Series does this a lot, and this is made in the same factory… :slight_smile: )

It uses the same lace locks as the xx1 PE, the outsole is inspired by the motorcylce racing boots from MJ’s race team…

Thanks for checking it out…

I think it turned out pretty good, a ran out of time on a few things, but not bad…

Other views:

Cool. Do I have to like basketball to wear these guys?

Ha, funny that the photo looks fake like a rendering! The laces just look really flat and I thought there was almost too much reflection on the toe. Reflection I thought was a tip off too.

I see now that for sure it must be an inejcted midsole. sidewall logo and painting gives it away. Dunno how i missed that when I first looked at it.

What’øs the upper material? Looks like nubuck leather?

Also, got any pics of the medial side? Looks asymmetric from the front and rear 3/4 view pics and seems to have a pain medial quarter with no perfs?


Is it like when you don’t know how to play basketball but you still want to wear jordans??? …simple lifestyle?

Also, got any pics of the medial side?

Is the Medial side, the inside? don’t know the lingo.

Yo, Did you decide to put the “JORDAN” on both sides of the shoe (on the heal area of the sole)? I always wondered about this, from back when Bauer started putting their logo on both sides of their skates. Was this your decision for aesthetics? or did the people in marketing/sales want to see more logos?

Just curious, other than that small detail (just my preference), I like the shoe, especially the asymmetrical lace area. (sorry for my pour LINGO)

Yup, medial side is inside and lateral is outside.

Funny you mention the heel logo on both inside an outside. I saw that too and was thought that was a little funny. I guess i the absence of a quarter logo…


Quarter Logo?

I’m trying to learn, my experience with Footwear ends somewhere between tieing my shoes and bitching about ALDO :laughing: :laughing:

all terminology here- First Pullover: Footwear Terminology to help you with the lingo :slight_smile:


Ahh… ok. I see, this shoe has no Quarter Logo.
and I enjoy the asymmitry of the Eyestay??

eyestay is more symmetrical, but vamp is asymmetrical id say.


The original sample had a 3.5mm tonal embossed Jumpman logo… stuff happens…

I hate when “stuff” happens… :angry:

me too! But we where able to get the product to retail and I hope it paves the way for future lifestyle products that nudge the boundries each time.

aint that the truth!. as long as you are moving forward its good. there will always be compromises, but thats what makes life interesting.


those are sweet, yo. i like how it’s more of a classy/dress sneaker that can be worn with khakis. but i kinda wish it would come in brownish earth tones with gum soles…

This is just the first color to launch … :wink:

I feel like I’m trying to read chinese…nice shoe though!