Jordan Seagull concept | update4 (november)!!!

Hi guys, it’s my second or third post here so don’t kill me…:slight_smile:

It’s the design I did for August contest, so it is a summer basketball shoe thought to be convertible from lowtop to hightop with a simple system explained in this presentation…

Check it out…

Oh, just wait a bit if you have 56k dial-up, the file is around 1MB…


After it has been published on, here is the rendering:

This is the first restyle of the seagull concept.
Since my brother’s girlfriend always asks me to design one for her…here it is my first ever women shoe. It is intended for basketball and even training and fitness activities.
It’s named Court Princess, because one of these day I will find my own court princess… :wink:

The second restyle, inspired from stealth planes features simple lines and distinctive elements. It is a summer basketball shoe with mesh upper and tpu strap and reinforcements.
As you can see the strap, as YO suggested me, also acts as an additional ankle support to make better work the wings convert system.

This is the final development of the Court Vision shoe I presented a couple of months ago.
As you can see it is based on the same “wings convert system” employed in my Seagull shoe and it’s evolved after Yo’s suggestions to reduce the number of molded parts and create different colorblockings on the shoe.
This last evolution is thought in particular for point guards, so it has a fast, sleek, low to the ground look. Lightweight mesh panels, ballistic mesh orange parts and full grain leather parts are mixed together to lend minimum weight and top resilience.
Phylon raised sidewalls are meant to keep the foot in place during quick-ankle breaking-lateral movements.
3M LITE dots are thought to leave a sign of quick lightning start and stops of top playmakers such as Jason Kidd or Steve Nash.
So get the keys of your team and drive it to the victory!!!

I also added a table with some of the development sketches that have led to the final versions of the Seagull: the Court Princess and the Court Vision.

Hope you enjoy it!!!

(comments, hints and critics are well accepted as usual)

Ciao MC [pietro]

So how do you convert it? Do you sell it as separate shoe or are they convertible by the user?

Molested Cow: I imagine you did not see the presentation…there’s a cartoon to explain the convert system in the 3rd scene…

Everything is in the shoe, nothing sold separately. It was a key point of my design, no add ons.

No I went through the presentation. All I saw was the semi-circle appearing. You didn’t show how the user is supposed to convert it.

…it’s there…after the flashed conversions you have a scene with design targets and inspiration, then there is the design process and finally you have the convert system…it’s all there, no jokes!

Click “next” button on the lower left and go ahead!!!

It’s in there MC… Go to slide 3 or 4 and look for the “play” icon near the shoe.
From what I can see. The user undoes the button folds up the top half of the circle and the slides/rotates a hard stopper over the top and then re-secures the strap.

Cool idea. I’m assuming this is a personal project otherwise we wouldn’t be seeing it. Any word from Nike or others?

Guest 3: yes, it’s just a personal project and I don’t think anyone will come out with that…or better they bring me on board!!!

Still me, just forgot to do automatic login…:slight_smile:

Oh ok.

So how do you keep the side support tight against your ankle?

How do you keep the lower portion of the shoe stiff after you convert it to high cut?

According to what you have shown, the sliding action of the ring is unnecessary. You could have just attached the TPU structure on the outer wing and when you flip it upwards, the TPU goes on as well

Did you make a mockup model to test the mechanism and how it works with your foot in?.

If you check were the rotated semi-ring finishes, it just overlays the lower part of the shoe for a couple of centimetres…This should be enough to ensure continuity to the structure.
The lower part has already its own inner structure, as every shoe.

Then lacing make sure the structure works properly, close to the ankle. It could also be possible to have a memory-shape on the semi-ring while released from its lower guides…

It’s just a concept though, I’ve tried to think about the biggest issues, just like the one you pointed out, but if someone will be doin’ it for real problem will be solved. I’ve also thought about further problems (and even how to solve them), but at this phase it is really early to present details about manifacturing…since the shoe exist just on paper (and bits), but will not be produced.

very dope p-fight! i can not say i am really feeling the design aesthetically but, the idea is freaking dope p! the only concern that i can think of with the mechanism is that part of shoe can be rather sculpted which could interfere with the functionality it working as intended. also it does not really go from a low to a mid/high cut, it is more like mid to a higher cut but… it still all good

yo by the way where are you in italy, like what area?

jungle: I thought to reduce the thickness of the mechanism to the max trying not to affect the other parts of the shoe. So the tpu semi-circle has an increased cross section just in the middle, where it appears between the folding wings. Sides are very thin. It is nice to discuss all this details because I don’t have experience in really making shoes, but I like to solve problems. Employing the wing convert technology in real shoes should involve solving a lot of this little details…

I live in the north of Italy, close to the city of Reggio Emilia and even close to Ferrari’s headquarters.

It is nice to discuss all this details because I don’t have experience in really making shoes, but I like to solve problems. Employing the wing convert technology in real shoes should involve solving a lot of this little details…

word, just wondered if you thought about that, Reggio Emilia, Ferrari’s headquarters? i do not really know italy well. right now i am in montebelluna, is it close to there?

btw this tokes99 from NT


nice concept. the navigation is a little unclear though. thanks for posting it. I like the animation with the hand converting it. I think once the ankle is laced up it could work. You might want to add a tretch gore strap connecting the two semi-circles together. This would help keep it snug to the foot, and add perceived ankle support.

cool concept!!

the bird at the end of the flash presentation freaked me out a bit.

Thanks a lot for the feedback.

Yo: did you mean a piece of fabric connecting the two parts on the back of the ankle (just over heel tendon)?..I didn’t find “tretch” on dictionary…:slight_smile:

Ade: I’m happy you are here in Italy!!! How long do you stay?
I’ve traced a map, it’s 2 hours and a half of road (220km)
Not too far…I will be away next week but then we could meet somewhere!!!
Have you kept same email address? If no, send me new address.

Guest: I was searching an happy ending so I’ve tryied to make the seagull fly…a little weak…may update it soon!

Thanks again

I’m too lazy, I would never take the time to convert this thing, knoing me I’d probably break the clasp two weeks after I bought them and then I would have seagull wings annoyingly sticking out on either side of my shoe.

I meant stretch… sorry, typing mistake

mmjohns: I think there is nothing that can be damaged in these parts so you cuold buy them!!!.. :wink:

Yo: I suspected it was “stretch”…but it was after replying…
I’ve just come up with some idea to back connect the semi-circles, I could post something tomorrow. BTW thanks!

Yo: this is the best thing I came up with trying to keep the original spirit of nothing external to add/remove from the shoe.

The back pocket hides the straps that will be fixed to the tabs added on the back portion of the folding rings (using velcro). This way straps spread their load over the ankle collar avoiding to chafe directly on the achilleus tendon.

I’ve also tryed to remove the side jumpman to place it on the tail.

The style of the shoe does not change a lot, but it could appear a little bit more complex conversion system. On the other side heel support will be optimal!