Jordan High Rise

Taking cues from playoff basketball, the Jordan High Rise provides the comfort and protection to elevate your game. Full grain or suede and split-grain leather upper combined with a foam backed plush lining package for added comfort. Adjustable lacing system for additional support as needed. Molded collar for additional ankle protection and support. Phylonâ„¢ midsole with a polyurethane insert houses a large volume Nike Air-Sole® unit designed to maximize cushioning and minimize weight. Midsole flex grooves extend up the medial and lateral forefoot for added performance. Injected shank plate supports the midfoot and arch. Solid rubber outsole with a new innovative pattern offers multidirectional traction, while paying tribute to MJ’s greatest victories.

All I have to say is WOW. Yo, good job as always on this design. Im loving both the colorway above and the black and white ones… I might end up getting both :slight_smile:

Ive heard the outsole is well done as well. Do you happen to have any pics of it?

Funny, you beat me to posting it! I’ll put together some images this week and post them up… glad you like them.

A few shots of the bottom from

The icons represent the different team’s MJ played for his rings. Most colorways it is tonal…

The upper takes cues from early Jordans, but has a form fitting bootie construction and extra wide eyestay for fit… funny the write up doesn’t mention there is also a large forefoot zoom air bag…


I actually was just looking at that on

The black and white one is the best IMO. Is that actual Carbon Fiber or is that like the T4G with TPU over some Fiber like material?

Im getting the black/white/maize for sure, but I might lace them up over those hoops ( or what ever you call them ) on the tounge

Those are pretty tight, MD. You freaked that pattern nicely. The only two things I’m not big on are all the perfs on the strip running up the tongue (doesn’t seem like it would be that beneficial for breathability and just adds clutter for me) and the eyelets seem heavy/clunky/slow…but I see their reason for being functionally. I like the textured leather on the toe cap, and the way the outsole was designed to coincide with the upper on color blocks. Nice work!!!


This shoe is driving me Bananas…cause I just saw this colorway… Dang Mike, youre going to make me go broke! lol

Mike that design is hella good. I LOVE it.

can’t wait to see the sketches!

A few snapshots from the early process. Like the XX1PE, this shoe masks a extra wide eyestay, about double wide at the base of the eyestay and almost triple in the midfoot, but the pattern disguises it. The idea was to make a dynamic but visual acceptable shoe that had serious performance. Wide eyestay for fit, max air in the heel, zoom air in the forefoot, exposed eva flex groove (separate toe pod of rubber is stock fit in), and a lot of nice classic references like the oversized heel jumpman, variable lace details, toe cap…

Very nice. Looks like everything except your technical drawing on the right is a combination of handsketching and Photoshop. Mike, what is your approx percentage breakdown between hand, PS, Illustrator, during the development of a shoe, on average?

I personaly have no consistency from shoe to shoe. That’s partly because I’m designing athletic shoes for adults down to athletic/casual/dress for kids. Each project seems to be suited toward its own approach. When designing for kids, I’m probably starting off in Illustrator more than I ever thought I would—many times drawing over an actual shoe photo. Seems to just go faster, and sets me up for knocking out all the colorways. So goes designing shoes for a mass merchant.

really dig the studies on the top right and bottom left “pages”

So nice, MD! I always LOVE looking at your sketches. We are really privileged that one of the best doing it is willing to share his process on this board. Thanks a lot!



Thanks man!

some questions I missed:

It is a print onto a TPU sheet below clear rubber, it covers the zoom airbag

I mostly sketch by hand until I am ready to go to a final rendering. This was done in 2005, so my process has evolved a bit. Most of the above are prisma pencil sketches, with some quick photoshop on top (like this ) the one with the red background was sketched in Alias Sketchbook Pro.

Recently I’ve been working with some great 3d modelers allowing me to go from rough sketches right to 3d, which has been great as I’ve had less time lately…

Mike, these are incredible. When I saw’em on coroflot I figured they were to good to be true, just sample colors or somthing.

After seeing the white/black/maize color, I must say these are absolutely sick. One question Yo, do you know if the production version of this color will have white patent leather?

I don’t have the colorway with me, but the last version I have is a slight sparkle finish new cobec, similar to the Jordan XX, but with a clear screen print graphic repeat of the icons on the tooling. The screen print is pretty money. It will not show up in photos thought (I’ve tried…) it is super subtle.

Hey MD,

I know you probably can’t share, but I would love to know the story and inspiration behind this project!


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